Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Exhaust scandal: US application loaded Bosch hard – ZEIT ONLINE

The supplier Bosch comes in the exhaust affair Volkswagen still under pressure: Not only have engineers of the Stuttgart company for years the software co-developed, which has allowed the manipulation, report NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche newspaper . The trader is thereby also been clear that the developed shutdown was banned in the US. The go out far blackened parts of the US application produced filed by VW customers against Bosch wurde.Bosch in US litigation Volkswagen mitangeklagt.

part the application must therefore also a letter dated June 2008. it was requested by Bosch VW Group, exempt him from liability. Because the “required further development” of the motor controller will cause “that data may be used as a defeat device (fraud Software)”. The Robert Bosch GmBH, from a company branch is the automotive supply, as in the letter expressly states that the use of such a function in the US is forbidden and warn that the so-equipped vehicles could lose their operating license.

representing the lawyers who damaged same seat in the United States, had their expanded action against Bosch in mid August. They accuse the company of having played an active role in the development of software delivered to VW over more than ten years, to have been tricked with the case of exhaust tests. Ignorance of the fraud is excluded.

As the NDR reported Bosch According to the application, since 2001 developed the engine control unit EDC17 which later an illegal software function under the name “acoustic function” contained. For this purpose, the applicants in the US contracts and other documents, which seem to come from the official investigations against VW. They are a close collaboration between the automaker and the supplier prove since of 2004.

Accordingly, VW has not can rewrite for its purposes the software alone. In the application it is, Bosch had the control of the software, including the fraud functions always “under control”. So was detained at the request of the supplier in an agreement dated 20.2.2006 that only 35 selected employees of VW and a contractor insight into “Advanced Software Features” received. This was the area where the fraud could be programmed. Changes in the software, so the applicants, had been permitted to take place only with the consent of Bosch.

Bosch explained reportedly to request that the company basically not ongoing investigations outside. It is being worked on a statement of defense. In the past, the Group had declared responsibility for the software lies with VW. Bosch is the defendant in the same process, but so far has provided no admission of guilt and not participate in the extrajudicial compromise.

Meanwhile, VW has teamed up with the US plaintiffs to those vehicle owners and car dealers, US authorities and attorneys general include, in most of the affected cars to a comparison of up 15.3 billion US dollars (currently € 13.5bn) agreed.

The carmaker VW had deceived for years and government customers. In real road use its diesel cars clearly met more exhaust than under scrutiny by the authorities. Using a special shutdown, the so-called defeat device, the motors were controlled.


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