Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Evidence of involvement of Bosch in VW exhaust affair – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

How deep is Bosch involved in the VW-exhaust scandal ? New evidence suggests that there is fraud software even helped to develop.

The auto supplier Bosch gets the VW exhaust scandal under increasing pressure. According to media reports, there is new evidence that the company is heavily involved in the fraud affair. The Stuttgart-based company has for years helped develop the software, which has allowed the manipulation, reported on Tuesday evening NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The trader had been present clear that the developed shutdown in America was prohibited.

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the media rely on a present in the United States application of VW customers against Bosch. In her most were blackened to Bosch essential points. These redactions were now canceled, whereby a letter of June 2008 it became known. This urge Bosch from VW Group, exempt him from liability.

Bosch has reportedly in the letter expressly states that the use of a sleep function when exhaust tests in America was prohibited. Because the “required further development” of the motor controller will cause “that data may be used as a defeat device (fraud Software)”. In addition, the suppliers warn you that the so-equipped vehicles could lose the software their approval.

Bosch explained reportedly to request that the company basically not external to ongoing investigations. It is being worked on a statement of defense. In the past, the Group had declared responsibility for the software lies with VW.

VW had given a year ago to have used in around eleven million diesel vehicles an illegal software. This suppresses a shutdown on emissions from exhaust gas testing

Meanwhile, has VW with American applicants -. This includes vehicle owners and car dealers, agencies and state attorneys general – when most of the affected cars to a comparison of up to $ 15.3 billion (currently € 13.5bn) agreed. Bosch is the defendant in the same process, but so far has provided no admission of guilt and not participate in the extrajudicial compromise

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