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DGB Education Report – trainees in stress – Frankfurter Rundschau

01 September 2016

apprentice in a large cafeteria. Photo: imago / Olaf Döring

The satisfaction with vocational training continues to decrease. What are the reasons for the frustration of the trainees?

The mixture of practical learning in the company and school training, vocational training in Germany is exemplary. The demand of businesses for skilled workers is high, according to trainees also: Over the past year could not be filled nationwide 41,000 apprenticeships. Youth unemployment is lower than in all other EU countries with 7.2 percent – with the exception of Malta. The current training report of the DGB According almost three quarters of respondents satisfied with their teaching. That’s the bright side.

On the shady side of the German vocational training system are 270 000 youth and young adults who are stuck in all sorts of transitional measures between school and training. Total 282 000 young people who had registered with the Federal Employment Agency interest in an apprenticeship, went 2015 empty out


review the lessons

But this is not the only break point of the local training market. Also among the trainees themselves seems a two-class society to establish:. With a total of satisfied young professionals on the one hand and frustrated, heavily loaded apprentices on the other side

This divergence document the results of the DGB Education Reports 2016 were surveyed for the nationwide 13,600 apprentices in the 25 most common occupations. A portion of the shares of trainees who suffer from poor working conditions, declined significantly in the past seven years: Had 2009 or 42.2 per cent complained of regular overtime, there were in 2016 only 34.8 percent. Training foreign activities were reported in 2009 by 13.4 percent, from 10.6 percent in 2016. Even more, the percentage of underage apprentices back that have been stopped for more than 40 hours a week to work. 17.4 to 11.2 percent

others took part satisfaction with training total from: seven years ago had still three-quarters expressed as satisfied or very satisfied, this spring it was 71.7 percent. The technical quality of the vocational school education is now rated much worse: only 56.7 per cent provide vocational school high marks from 2009 it had been 66.5 percent

In fact, fit general decline. load and statistically growing annoyance quite together and document only extreme opposites. So suggests the high level of dissatisfaction in some areas in average by strong, while the training situation for most trainees has rather improved. “Strain and stress focus especially on some sectors,” explains Oliver Dick from the Institute of socio-educational research in Mainz, which has accepted the data analysis for the DGB Education Report

High dropout rates

the apprenticeships, which received the best scores of the respondents in the review of the working hours, training allowance and the professional qualifications of trainers, include about mechatronics, industrial mechanics and bankers. In such occupations, there are comparatively few trainees who feel (to) heavily loaded. From concentration difficulties and high morbidity report 13 percent of respondents, the same proportion has ever thought of breaking off the training.

Much higher figures in different professions that in terms of working hours , remuneration and quality of training received the worst grades, including cooks, painters and finishers, dental professionals, hotel managers and specialist retailers at retail. In these areas, 31 percent of apprentices gave poor concentration, 34.4 percent frequent fatigue and 36.5 percent recurring thoughts of completing their training on.

How much the loads ultimately the premises harm, shows the extremely high dropout rate in some occupations: About half of the cooking and restaurant specialist trainees throw loud VET government report out prematurely. At the same time catering

is one of those industries where more and more training places remain unfilled.

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