Thursday, September 1, 2016

Apple CEO called EU-arguments in the tax dispute “crap” – SPIEGEL ONLINE

In harsh words Apple CEO Tim Cook has criticized the European Commission’s decision, calling up of the electronics group up to 13 billion euros in taxes. “There is total political crap,” Cook told the “Irish Independent” with regard to EU data, which Apple has paid only 0.005 percent tax in Ireland in the year, 2014. Originally Cook used the word “crap” that can also be less diplomatically translated as “shit”.

The European Commission had announced on Tuesday that they have a tax deal from Apple with Ireland as unlawful State aid evaluates. Ireland is now to recover subsequently the disputed sum. The government has not yet decided whether its objection to this decision.

Cook said he would be very pleased about an objection. “I think we will work very closely, as we have the same motivation,” said the Apple boss. “No one has done something wrong, and we have to stick together. In Ireland is picked on, and that is unacceptable.”

When asked if could put anti-Americanism behind the decision, Cook said, this could be a reason , “People in leadership positions in different countries have told me that this was the agenda.” I have a strong feeling that this decision was politically because I am very sure. “

” Now hold we Ireland “

After Cook’s presentation Apple pays globally a tax rate of 26.1 percent. It is absolutely for a reform of the tax system, but this should not be done in a way that the change law subsequently as others would like.

the CEO also stressed his Group still planning an expansion of its location in the southern Irish Cork, where Apple is headquartered since 1980. “I have the feeling that Ireland held to Apple, as it was not easy and now we hold to Ireland. “

criticism of the EU decision also comes from the Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder (CSU). Since Apple its Germany subsidiary in Munich has, he would be responsible for possible additional claims by the German side. Söder rejects this at the present time. Opposite the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” he spoke of “excessive demands” that could lead, together with a stop of the FTA TTIP to a “trade war”.


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