Sunday, September 4, 2016

Aleppo again under siege: Assad manages during G20 summit Facts – WirtschaftsWoche

Damascus, Hangzhou While the US and Russia struggle for a solution to end the violence in Syria, the regime the rebels in the divided city of Aleppo besieged again. The units of rulers Bashar al-Assad on Sunday marched south in front of the divided metropolis and so cut the supply corridor into the rebel-held areas in the eastern part of the city from, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Thus, the government creates on the battlefield facts that could influence the negotiations between the US and Russia on a ceasefire in Syria during the G20 summit in China.

regime troops the rebels encircled mid July in the eastern city , A few weeks later an Islamist rebels led alliance from the southwest had coming but freely fought the new corridor. In the eastern part of the city, up to 300,000 people are staying. According to human rights observers conquered the regime forces with Russian air support an academy of the army and thus clipping off the connection in the rebel-held areas of the city.

On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hangzhou in China were meanwhile the US and Russia an opportunity for an end to violence in the war-torn country. Despite intensive negotiations, however, was initially no quick fix in sight, even though US President Barack Obama did not rule out an agreement with Russia. But it was not so far, Obama said Sunday. There were still deep disagreements. US Secretary of State John Kerry said he would continue negotiations on Monday with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

“If the Russians do not make concessions to reduce the violence and alleviate the humanitarian crisis, it is difficult to reach next stage, “Obama said. Obama defended the negotiations with Moscow. “Our discussions with the Russians is the key, because if the Russians would not, Assad and his regime could not maintain its offensive,” he said. The Russian air force paves their attacks the Syrian government forces of President Bashar al-Assad the way.

Meanwhile met Turkish tanks again on Syrian territory in the north of the country before. Thus Ankara wants (IS) permanently expel the terrorist militia Islamic State of its border, but also keep the Kurdish militias in the region at bay. The military vehicles supported allied rebel groups at the weekend in the conquest of several villages of the jihadists, Turkish media reported and insurgents. The goal is to capture a ten-kilometer border zone under the control of IS.

Erdogan wants to prevent “terrorist” corridor

According to the Turkish news agency DHA penetrated at least 20 battle tanks, five troop carriers, other armored vehicles and trucks of Elbeyli in the Turkish province of Kilis on Saturday from across the border before. The renewed push on Syrian territory close to the border town of Al-Rai (Turkish: Cobanbey) is part of the end of August launched military operation “Shield Euphrates”, reported the Anatolia news agency. The Turkish Air Force have the night to Sunday, and again flown attacks in Syria.

pro-Turkish rebels had been further conquered during the offensive, the border town Dscharablus and adjacent areas from the IS and in the west villages in Al-Rai. Between controlled the IS after the rise only a few villages. With them the Terrormilz would lose its only direct connection to the outside world. About Turkey proceeded important supply routes of extremists.

The Turkish army is but also against the Kurdish militias of YPG in the region. You want to avoid that they combined their areas south of the border. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated on Sunday at the G20 meeting in China, Turkey would never allow a “terrorist corridor” across its southern border. For several days, but there is a de facto ceasefire between Kurds and Turks.

crossed Also in the northern Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane Turkish tanks on the weekend the border. They advanced a few meters before the border town, as the human rights observers reported. The vehicles are to secure construction of a border wall, against which it had been in recent days, protests of the Kurds.


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