Monday, September 5, 2016

1 000 000 000 000 € invested in bonds – financial and economic

The ECB has papers for 1 trillion since the start of the program to purchase government bonds. € acquired. There is no end in sight.

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(Reuters) Since the start its asset purchasing program (PSPP) in March 2015 have the monetary authorities now acquired bonds of euro area countries and regions, as well as debt securities of government and supranational institutions with a volume of 1.001 trillion euros.

the Euro Fed published on Monday new data about purchases until September 2nd. In the week up to that week took the Euro-guard public debt in the amount of 11.14 billion euros in its books to 10.31 billion euros previously.

The ECB wants with the purchases of the economy in the engage euro area under the arms and inflame their view undesirably low inflation. With the transactions, bond yields will be pushed to give the title be less lucrative than investment banks. Geldhäuser are instead more loans to companies and households sufficient, which use the economy and would provide on this path for more inflation.

The total purchase program is now applied to 1.74 billion euros and also includes debentures and mortgage securities. And since June, includes corporate bonds now. Among them are papers by German companies such as Siemens ( YOU 108 – 0.55% ) , Bosch, German Telekom ( DTE 15:05 – 0.13% ) and BASF ( BAS 73.22 0.16% to ) .

in the week ending 2 September, the monetary authorities purchased debt securities of companies in the volume of EUR 1.16 billion to EUR 1.5 billion the previous week. In addition to the Bundesbank, the central banks of Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Finland participate in these purchases, which are coordinated by the ECB.

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