Sunday, August 21, 2016

Volkswagen wants to negotiate: Report: VW suppliers demanding 58 million – NEWS



 Sunday, 21 August 2016


 Reduced working hours and loss of production – the delivery stop of two suppliers is likely to be costly Volkswagen. VW wants to quickly agree amicably. According to one report, the VW board room holds a number of demands of the other side but covered.



Between Volkswagen and the group Prevent a report, is a negotiation Poker underway. The goal is to end the dispute between VW and two suppliers. According to information from the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” calling the Prevent Company Car Trim and ES automotive castings from VW group a total of 58 million euros. But the VW group refuses consequently to pay because this sum will “not plausible” reasons. Both suppliers produce seat covers and gearbox for the production of various VW models, both companies have but their deliveries set for some time.

The dispute was therefore a discontinued by VW and Porsche development cooperation with Car Trim. Thereupon Car Trim made failures and damage amounting to EUR 55 million claims. 30 million at VW, 25 million euros in the VW subsidiary Porsche. Meanwhile, the demand will amount to a total of 58 million euros.

According to the report Car Trim took a part of the demands on IT casting off so that they can now make claims against VW law. At VW think you know why ES cast was thus brought into play. Because the transmission parts Herstelle would otherwise have had no formal reason for a delivery stop at VW and thus could not exert any pressure

negotiations are expected to continue on Monday. According to the newspaper is argued, among other things the requirement of suppliers, VW should waive claims for damages because of the delivery stops and the consequent loss of production. Some claims of Prevent are “dubious” or even “immoral”, have welcomed it from the VW board room.

VW wants to put on an amicable solution. “We are the suppliers of course talking and seeking an agreement through negotiations,” said a VW spokesman on Saturday. At the same time, the Group but also the legal hold remains open.

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Because of the lack of components of the two Saxon companies Car Trim and ES Automobilguss must rest the production of the Golf in VW’s main plant in Wolfsburg. Overall, Volkswagen is expected to send in five plants more than 20,000 employees in short-time working. The two suppliers throw VW before an abuse of its market power.

The power struggle between VW and suppliers could be costly to the DAX companies. The car expert Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer said the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, VW threatened “loss of profits in the high three-digit million range.” The Wolfsburg struggled for almost a year with the consequences of gas crisis, while cruising at its unprofitable main brand austerity.



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