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Volkswagen – If the trader no longer spurt – Sü

Supplier of VW commands obeyed: the power relations

Normally clear. But just everything is different.

From Max Hägler and Klaus Ott

Soon sits the large Volkswagen family back together in football. The new Bundesliga season begins, and every few weeks time the top management with dealers and suppliers in the boxes and VIP-halls of the VW-Arena, adjacent to the plant site, the Autostadt.

In Volkswagen they say like, would like openly spoken up in the noble floor while kicking on the lawn of VfL below. The board let reports from the delegates of the trader where the shoe press, and take care of itself.

When Martin Winterkorn was still CEO in Wolfsburg, he personally ensured that any complaint would be looked into. Dealers in Frankfurt who had reported clamping trunk lids on a vehicle series have, rung on the following Monday morning at six o’clock service people out of bed. They wanted to address the shortcomings

It is a picture of harmony, which is marked as -. But it always looked very fake. All the more now, since a strike two suppliers from Saxony ensures standstill in several VW plants


VW wants full force action against strikers trader

The Golf production is complete for several days quiet, 20 000 people have to go on short time. VW could let recover the missing goods – by bailiffs. By Klaus Ott more …

In Wolfsburg no Golf rolls off the line, the best-selling model of the company. If VW is “blackmail” the speech. Counter charge of the two suppliers who provide no transmission parts and seat covers more and thus paralyze the production, the company now wants an administrative fine, alternatively, apply for administrative detention.

auto companies use purchasing power to push prices

Since always struggling suppliers and manufacturers fiercely for contracts and discounts, deadlines and quantities – but as a Zoff, resting in the whole works, it has never been

the top car lobbyist in the country, ex. transport Minister Matthias Wissmann, happy boasts the oh-so-successful cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers. It is “the foundation of technological leadership”, which have earned the German automotive industry

In fact, however, use the groups to distribute the many billions of euros, their purchasing power to drive down prices -. Because if a single part a few million times is installed, even the smallest discounts at the end

20 000 people the controversy over the missing parts can make a lot of money. in Volkswagen brings the tapes to a halt. And that makes people unemployed: In Emden, where the Passat is produced in Kassel, Zwickau and the parent plant Wolfsburg, the golf factory, thousands of VW workers have just nothing to do. Perhaps the company sends people therefore in short-time working. Depending on the agreement, the wage losses may ensue. “I condemn the actions of the concerned supplier in the strongest acting here without regard to consequences for human beings,” explained Wolfsburg Mayor Klaus Mohr.

Two-thirds of the parts come from suppliers

On the other hand, there are suppliers who manufacture special components that are otherwise having nowhere. This can even make great manufacturer dependent and vulnerable. Today in Cart German production not usually come two-thirds of the parts from the automaker but by a supplier. This can axles, windows or gearbox be, joints, air conditioning or electronic parts.

The supplier may in this tough business exist only if they provide high quality, are highly efficient and creative. The suppliers, which include the greats, Bosch, Conti, Schaeffler and ZF, but also many medium-sized lift a third of R & D spending. They deal in Germany more than 300 000 people


Hoeneß supports Winterkorn

the resigning because of the scandal diesel VW CEO Martin Winterkorn will remain board member of Bayern Munich. “Winterkorn is elected until 2018, and it will fulfill the mandate,” the president-elect said Hoeness. more …

The computer of the new E-Class from Daimler about can be a touch panel on the steering wheel serve. They proudly lead the front at Daimler and say it very clear that this had developed a supplier: the medium-sized Preh from Lower Franconia

Much profit does not remain most suppliers

76 billion. Euro continued the German supply industry to 2015, much profit does not remain most companies but. Because the automakers have a very deep insight into their books. Industrial engineers in Ingolstadt, Munich, Stuttgart or Wolfsburg count by how much will this cost and that part, a little margin that applied, most digit. The total price usually falls every year by three percent; suppliers must be more efficient

In all this there is a pecking order. The big, strong research suppliers at the top that many customers around the world and construct the complex things that can enforce better prices than the little: They provide all the automatic transmission (ZF), the engine control including the emission control system (Bosch) or sensors and computer for driver assistance systems (Conti)

the suppliers of the suppliers in turn increasingly suffer.. There are many medium-sized companies. Two thirds of them declared this year in a survey by the Center of Automotive Management that the cost pressure was threaten the existence.

And almost every second trader said, had their contracting no real interest the fact that they operate sustainably. That so this principle of the seemingly fair “give and take”, which is celebrated in the VfL Arena, ultimately has no inventory.


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