Thursday, August 18, 2016

Telekom: Nationwide disturbances in the fixed network – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Technical problems currently affect obviously the network of Deutsche Telekom. The company speaks of “sporadic access problems”, the web report Hundreds Affected restrictions.

In the network of Telekom occurs since Thursday morning to increasingly access problems and total failure of terminals. On the Internet portal reported allestö hundreds telecom customers Internet outages. Affected the fault map of allestö According seem primarily the metropolitan areas around large cities.

On its business customer portal the Telekom confirmed in a forum that is in “DeutschlandLAN- and DSL business customers sporadically to access problems into Internet “comes. The nationwide spread of the fault is confirmed there

It is further stated by the Telekom:. “. Our technicians are informed”

  • “Our engineers are already working on a solution.”
  • “a failure end is not actually known to us.”
  • “A workaround we currently can not offer.”

In the forum of allestö some stakeholders contrast to having to get concrete information. Accordingly, it is a problem to the DNS servers of Telekom, which translate as the names of websites like in Internet addresses such as 123.456.789.1.

It affects apparently primarily customers with so-called solid IP connections, so Internet access, with a fixed Internet address. Especially business customers use such additions. Private customers is usually assigned at every connection to the internet a new web address.

An intermediate solution be it thus also disable the fixed assignment of Internet address in the router an affected port and to register the machine instead a dynamic address. However, such a change may have an impact on the lying behind the router company intranet and especially on external accesses. In principle, such changes should only be carried out, who is familiar with the subject.

In addition, remains only to wait until the fault is rectified. Some sufferers talk about it in forums, they would get from the hotline told that the failure to 14h to be resolved. However, this is just a guideline.


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This constant accessibility is anyway not good for the people. Time for deceleration.

This constant accessibility is anyway not good for the people. Time for deceleration.


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