Monday, August 22, 2016

Suppliers dispute at Volkswagen: delivery stop affects approximately 28,000 VW employees – Tagesspiegel

The delivery stop of two parts manufacturer swirls large parts of production at Volkswagen sensitive mess. In Emden, Wolfsburg, Zwickau, Kassel, Salzgitter and Braunschweig total 27,700 employees could not work part until the end of August, as it was originally planned. “Due to a delivery stop, the external suppliers have triggered the production supply is interrupted with components in several Volkswagen plants,” VW said in Wolfsburg on Monday. The carmaker said of “flexibility measures to short-time working”.

The further development was “not foreseeable” the company wrote. “Volkswagen is still trying to reach an agreement with the supplier.” The problems in the works ranging in time from 18 August for the Passat plant in Emden until August 30 for the engine plant in Salzgitter. About all locations following models and products are affected: from the Golf and Passat production over the production of transmissions and exhaust systems on the motors and Fahrwerkteile- and plastic parts production

Most employees are around. 10,000 people in Wolfsburg affected. A Emden there are 7500 in Zwickau 6000, in Kassel in 1500, in Salzgitter 1400 and in Braunschweig 1300. According to information of the German Press Agency, the carmaker and the supplier toil from early Monday afternoon at the negotiating table to find a way.

exhaust affair pushes further gains at Volkswagen

Daimler also argues with suppliers Prevent court

in addition to Volkswagen denies even the carmaker Daimler with the suppliers Prevent in court. Before the Landgericht Braunschweig, the supplier would erstreiten 40 million euros in damages, a spokesman for the court said Monday. Prevent see accordingly to contracts of Daimler not fulfilled and does not effectively terminated. On Tuesday’ll first question clarified which chamber is responsible at all for the process (Az .: 9 O 2142/15). The “Bild am Sonntag” and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had previously reported on the dispute.

In the confrontation Prevent had failed already in 2014 with an injunction before the Landgericht Stuttgart (Az .: 40 O 69/14). The injunction was tilted by the court, and the appeal before the Court of Appeal was unsuccessful (Az .: 5U 149/14).

Whether been involved in the action of a two-Prevent companies that currently paralyze parts of the production at Volkswagen, was not apparent from the court documents. In the financial statements of Prevent DEV GmbH is talk of 2013 terminated contracts and a “trigger the scope of supply” of Daimler AG in 2014.

Neither Daimler nor Prevent wanted to comment on the process. A Daimler spokeswoman confirmed delivery relations with Prevent and Prevent companies. But there was no supply difficulties. Car Trim was not up for Serie Supplier of Mercedes-Benz. The ES Automobilguss have supplied the Stuttgart carmaker earlier. (AP, AFP, rtr)


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