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Perfectly organized and incredibly brazen: “Boss mesh” -Gauner steal … – ABC Online

Sunday, 08.21.2016, 13:51
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You are perfectly organized and incredibly brazen: 250 times wanted fraudsters abluchsen German companies in recent years, money from the boss-stitch. Every fourth experiment they are successful – and then swindle immediately millions amounts

Economic scammers have German companies in recent years with the “boss-stitch”. facilitated by a three-digit million sum. “Since 2013 became known in Germany so far 250 cases of fraud. Of these, 68 successfully, 182 remained in the experimental stage stuck, “said Holger Kriegeskorte, Director Subjects Economic Crime at the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), the” Welt am Sonntag “. The total damage amounts to 110 million euros.

The last known case Leoni, in which the perpetrators allegedly looted 40 million euros, is not included in the figures. If confirmed the fraud, the automotive supplier had held an inglorious success after presentation of the newspaper. The recent losses per company “only” were between one and 18 million euros, it is said with reference to the BKA.

call center to take calls

“Behind the Chef-stitch insert any individual perpetrators, but organizations that in turn buy certain services, for example, wrong email accounts or the accounts to which the money is to be transferred, “Kriegeskorte told the” Welt am Sonntag “. The calls to the company were sometimes used in call centers.

The pattern of known as “Managing trick” or “CEO-Fraud” scam is reminiscent of the “grandchild trick”, in which alleged Known Report of the grandson in the elderly and requesting financial assistance. Even with the “boss-stitch” the scammers fraudulently confidence. “They contact people from accounting, pose as Chef and give the impression that by this transaction the company’s future depends,” said Kriegeskorte further

In the video. How to protect yourself before nasty grandson trick

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