Monday, August 22, 2016

Negotiations with suppliers: loss of production meets VW hard – NEWS



 Monday, 22 August 2016


 In raging between Volkswagen and two suppliers dispute is still no end in sight. Six VW plants are affected. Well over 20,000 people so far mentioned are affected by the production stoppage.



Because of the dispute with two suppliers are affected by Volkswagen this week nearly 30,000 workers in six plants of production disruptions. The strongest Golf production at the parent plant in Wolfsburg will pulled with around 10,000 employees affected, because due to the dispute components are missing, said a VW spokesman. The Passat production in Emden with about 7,500 employees is already closed since last week.

There are also about 450 workers at the Volkswagen subsidiary Sitech are concerned, for some time no remuneration for car seats from the supplier Car Trim receives. Sitech has also applied for short-time work for 500 employees at its headquarters in Wolfsburg.

On Monday also calm in Zwickau production of the Golf and Passat. There are approximately 6,000 employees affected, said the VW spokesman. As a result of the dispute with the supplier parts for the chassis production in Braunschweig with about 1,300 employees and the engine plant in Salzgitter with approximately 1,400 employees could not work. In Kassel are due to lack of transmission parts supplier’s ES Automobilguss about 1,500 people affected.

The two suppliers Car Trim and ES Automobilguss had stopped the supply of components. Background is a dispute over a canceled contract from VW. The two companies from Saxony throw Volkswagen abuse of power. Meanwhile, negotiations between VW and the two suppliers should be continued in order to find an amicable solution. At the same time, the Wolfsburg-based group holds open the legal process.

Volkswagen had a restraining order against Car Trim enforced, to which the company does not hold. In the case of ES Automobilguss the Landgericht Braunschweig wants to negotiate on August 31 via an injunction against the company has filed an objection. VW has all legal levers pulled to bring the supply of his works again. This includes the threat of a fine and administrative detention against the supplier.

The power struggle between VW and suppliers could be costly to the DAX companies. The car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer estimates its lost profits on a high three-digit million amount. Analysts at UBS estimate that a one-week production shutdown Only the largest VW plant in Wolfsburg detract from the gross income of around 100 million euros. The Wolfsburg struggled for almost a year with the consequences of gas crisis, while cruising at its unprofitable main brand VW austerity.

VW is a report, not the only German carmaker, which the trader has Prevent trouble. When Landgericht Braunschweig also a million lawsuit against Daimler Prevent is for information the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” pending. The suppliers group urge to court for financial compensation for jobs that Daimler had quit in 2013.

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According to the report, it is likely to go to tens of millions of euros. Then features demonstrate the balance sheet of Prevent for 2014, wrote the “SZ”. In the balance is the speech which did not, however, reflected in the sales figures of Prevent a worldwide positive trend in the auto industry. That stems mainly to the “in 2013 terminated contracts” of Daimler AG.

A Daimler spokesman confirmed on request of the sheet, that was in a legal dispute, however, continue in “very limited” together working with the Prevent group. In Braunschweig is according to the report also argued between Prevent and Daimler except money about which district court has jurisdiction -. This in Braunschweig or in Stuttgart, headquarters of Daimler



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