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Negotiations – Lufthansa and pilots break collective calls from – Sü

  • Both Lufthansa as pilots union Cockpit saw temporarily an approach in the labor dispute. What exactly the talks now failed, was not disclosed.
  • The parties had negotiated for several weeks behind closed doors.
  • Since the conflict began cockpit has struck already 13 times.

the Lufthansa and the pilots’ union Vereinigung cockpit have their bargaining broken off on Friday night. Both sides had “last in many respects closer, but then again away from each other in some questions,” said a Lufthansa spokesman.

The Lufthansa was still convinced that an agreement is possible and will do everything their utmost to resume talks with the Vereinigung cockpit again. New dates were not specified. First

Also the cockpit saw approaching in the dispute as a document of the union which exists several news agencies, apparent. Then further discussions but had not make sense anymore.

The pilots are ready to play its part to the competitiveness of Lufthansa, it said. Solutions would then be impossible if a time when both sides were almost together, would give the impression that the interlocutor the jointly developed understanding no longer wants to admit or no longer could remember.

What Lufthansa and cockpit arguing

cockpit and Lufthansa had negotiated for several weeks behind closed doors. In the wage dispute is not only on wages mainly to the controversial transitional pension for older workers. Lufthansa wanted to achieve that pilots go later than currently in early retirement. The airline had canceled existing rules to the end of 2013 unilaterally. The conflict escalated thereafter.

In the background but also smoldering dispute over the savings concept “Wings”. Lufthansa offers in competition with the competitors on several routes for cheap flights to. The staff of cheap airline subsidiary Euro Wings will not be paid by the Lufthansa fares, but worse. “

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on the watch

So far, Lufthansa and Air Berlin managed the advance of Ryanair and Easyjet limit in Germany. But there is much to suggest that this will not last. Of Jens Flottau more …


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