Friday, August 12, 2016

Maersk profits breaks drastically Denmark pride in severe turbulence –


  on the way to Asia. The  container giant Maersk has the first half of a  dramatic accept drop in profits and plans to cut  thousands of jobs. The industry suffered for years  from falling freight rates and overcapacity


 On the way to Asia: The container giant Maersk has in the first half saw a very sharp drop in profits and plans to cut thousands of jobs. The industry suffered for years from falling freight rates and overcapacity

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“The result is not satisfactory,” said the new head of the world’s biggest container shipping company, A. P. Maersk Group, Søren Skou. You could say so. Because the profit drop in the world’s biggest container shipping company is solid and also sales declined in the second quarter significantly.

Especially falling freight rates and low prices have made the profit of the shipping company and oil giant collapse massively in the second quarter. The Danish company earned below the line 134 million dollars (120 million euros) compared to just under 1.1 billion in the prior year quarter.

Revenue fell from about 10.5 to slightly more than 8 , 8 billion dollars (nearly 8 billion euros). To cushion the development, the company has greatly saved especially in the divisions Marine and oil.

In the Maersk Line division to 4,000 job losses

Møller -Maersk is the world’s largest container shipping company and represents about 15 percent of the total global container transportation. make the shipping company like Hapag-Lloyd not only to create the low freight rates and low prices, but also the large number of competitors.

In the second quarter, the division Maersk Line, the largest pillar of the company, losses wrote of 151 million US dollars (135 million euros). By the end of 2017, the Danes want to underline 4000 of about 23,000 points here. The group employs approximately 88,300 employees.

For the third quarter Skou, who had the previous Maersk CEO Nils Smedegaard Andersen replaced in July announced, also a “strategic review of the company” in order the group again get on track.

For the entire 2016 Denmark’s largest company expects earnings significantly below that of 2015. part of the group next to container shipping, the oil and gas production and logistics.

this week already Germany’s largest container shipping company Hapag Lloyd had to report weak numbers and controls with a half-year loss on the merger with the rival Arab UASC to. The Hamburg Company recorded in the first half of an operating loss (EBIT) of 39.7 million euros. A year earlier, were able to record still an increase of nearly 268 million euros the Hanseaten. Sales fell 19 percent to 3.8 billion euros

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