Thursday, August 18, 2016

Golf production rests for several days: VW needs to pull the emergency brake – NEWS



 Thursday, 18 August 2016


 Volkswagen zofft with a supplier. What exactly is unclear. The episode raises many questions. Responses are rare. But the consequences are already huge: The Golf production at the main plant in Wolfsburg is acutely affected


In the midst of coping with the exhaust scandal has Volkswagen another big problem: Due to a conflict with suppliers allows VW for several days the Golf production at the Wolfsburg parent plant rest. According to an internal memo VW has already informed its delivery partners about the imminent closure of the Golf production from 20 to 29 August. A VW spokesman confirmed the letter.

Background is the delivery stop of a VW partner with which infected the car company in a dispute. Because of the missing parts VW has massive shortages since days. In Emden VW has reduced working hours already registered for 7500 people and reviewed this remedy currently also for the locations Braunschweig, Zwickau, Kassel and give Wolfsburg. There is the main plant of Europe’s largest carmaker. In total, over 20,000 VW employees could be affected.

According to data from consolidated districts run because of the short-time working for Wolfsburg still talking with the employment agency. On Friday a meeting with the Authority was scheduled. It is conceivable, therefore, that the five working days from Monday to Friday will be collected in the next week on short-time working. The operations referred to in the internal letter to the VW-trader longer period for the production stop, ranging from next Saturday until the following Monday is to explain the extensive preliminary work of suppliers. They also work on weekends when the bands do not run – and proceed as storage bins on

The main plant in Wolfsburg is the largest contiguous car factory in the world.. In addition to golf, the staff build there also Touran and Tiguan. These models are not affected by the production stoppage. Lower Saxony’s Economics Minister and VW board Olaf Lies attacked the trader. “It’s an incredible and unjustifiable for me behavior of the company,” he said before the deputies. The interruption of the supply chain is a “heavy burden” for the carmaker. A quick resolution of the dispute can not be foreseen.

standstill threatens in other works

The legal dispute over missing gear parts goes on the Braunschweig Regional Court only on 31. August continued – then at a hearing. VW had obtained against the supplier for an injunction. But since this happened without a hearing, the company had the opportunity to object. About the end of August, now under negotiation, when a decision is to be seen. Until then, the supply of transmission parts reality will probably be

VW suffering under massive failure in its parts chain: The Passat plant in Emden has already joined the short-time working – for five days in the next week.. And now threatens in Wolfsburg, Kassel, Braunschweig and Zwickau standstill – at least in some areas. Affected by the transmission bottlenecks is the golf, Germany’s best-selling car. Details of quantities missing. Without the key transmission part VW could not extradite gear, as the speaker of the production of gears specialized Kassel plant, Heiko Hillwig said. VW thus check currently investigating whether this part can also be purchased from other suppliers.

According to a spokesman for Audi production continues without restriction. The subsidiary Porsche, according to a spokesman not affected. The parts manufacturer itself declined to comment on the reasons. “Our group is in a legal dispute with Volkswagen and is obliged in this context to confidentiality”, Alexander Gerstung said from the management of the auto supplier ES Automobilguss headquartered in Saxony Schönheide. The company is, according to the website of the Company since November 2015. Prevent Group and provides, among other so-called differential housing forth. For a sister company of ES Automobilguss who manufactures for VW seat covers and currently also does not deliver, the carmaker had already effective enforcement, said a court spokesman. In the transmission part suppliers but that was not the case.

How did the dispute escalate so?

More about

Meanwhile, shared a communications agency on behalf of Prevent DEV GmbH, headquartered in Wolfsburg, this is “not legally” connected to the companies of the Car Trim GmbH and ES Automobilguss GmbH and therefore not party in conflict with VW. “However, we regret the escalation of the current conflict very, especially since the Prevent DEV GmbH and Volkswagen AG have a long standing and successful cooperation with each other.” The company hope that it “is rapid, consensual solution without further escalation” to.

The question is what escalated the dispute between Germany’s biggest company and the suppliers so that the situation is now so proceed is. Background of the conflict is to dpa information from judicial circles a failed project to the seat part suppliers, which is also based in Saxony.



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