Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Energy systems – Norway: But no petrol ban – Frankfurter Rundschau

August 16, 2016

Großparkplatz for electric cars in the center of the Norwegian capital Oslo. Photo: dpa

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport contradicts reports of a planned moratorium for cars with internal combustion engines. Such a ban would not be necessary.

The Norwegian government rejects a report that the country is planning a moratorium for cars with a combustion engine. “Norway has no plans to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars from 2025,” a spokesman for the Transport Ministry said on Tuesday in Oslo.

The government would rather encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles and activities would therefore prefer to carrot than stick. The rapid development of new technologies and fuels worry anyway that car would be replaced in the long term with internal combustion engines. A moratorium is not necessary to.

Norway has set itself the goal of limiting the emissions of new cars of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in 2020 to an average of 85 grams per kilometer. By 2050, the Northern Europeans are striving to be a company with particularly low CO2 emissions.

The dpa news agency had reported that in Norway should in less than ten years has been a moratorium for cars apply with a combustion engine. From 2025 should not generate new gasoline and diesel vehicles more come on the streets, they should be replaced by electric cars and other alternative fuels. Other modes of transport should be turned inside out: How should after 2030 all new ships and ferries to be emission-free, in the air and in heavy traffic more biofuel should be used

Norway is already a pioneer in alternative. drives. The land, which is next to the United Kingdom of the largest oil-producing countries in Western Europe, the purchase of electric cars massively subsidized. In Norway therefore are already significantly more battery-powered cars on the road as the car in Germany.
The Norwegian government wants to present to Parliament next spring a National Transport Plan for the period 2018-2029, in which the steps to reduce CO2 emissions and to be committed to the reconstruction of the transport system. (RTR)


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