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Armed with suppliers: VW stops Golf production in Wolfsburg –

Because of the supplier dispute Volkswagen ordinary Wolfsburg plant are being constructed no golf cars more. The production is for a week still. Europe’s largest car manufacturer sends the employees working shorter hours. Five other plants are affected.

The unprecedented showdown between Europe’s biggest carmaker Volkswagen and two small suppliers continues. Missing Seat covers and transmission parts forcing Volkswagen to short-time working. In VW’s main plant in Wolfsburg production of the most important model Golf is exposed for at least a week. From Monday from the morning shift to Saturday, Aug. 27 is then resting on the assembly lines and in other parts of the production work. The tapes of manufactured in Wolfsburg Tiguan and Touran run against it on.

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For the employees concerned, among other things in Assembly , body shop, paint shop and press shop is now displayed short-time work in agreement with the works council and was applied for short-time compensation, it said in a notice to the employee. The Wolfsburg site is the largest Volkswagen plant. Last year there approximately 815,000 vehicles were produced, of which almost 500,000 Golf and Golf Sportsvan.

The missing components production will be affected in several German Volkswagen works. In Emden, where the VW Passat is built, Volkswagen requested already reduced working hours for 7,500 employees. In Zwickau mounting the Golf and Passat will also be shut down for a week beginning. The company checked short-time working for the sites Braunschweig and Kassel

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What does short work

short-time working means that employees of a company to work for a specified period is less than the usual working – or not at all. A company may organize working hours, if it has temporary difficulties. It is also a tool to avoid redundancies.

For the loss of earnings of employees jumps to request the Federal Employment Agency one, it pays the so-called short-time allowance. Provided however, that the company concerned has agreed short-time work with the employee representatives. Short-time working allowance is granted when the stoppage of work on economic grounds based. Moreover, this must be “significant”, “inevitable” and be of a temporary nature.

The amount of the short-time allowance is generally 60 percent of what the employee would normally receive in the period in question as a reward. A voluntary increase by the Company at any time


suppliers make VW blame

reason for the forced break in Europe’s largest car manufacturers are delivery boycotts of two companies from Saxony belonging to Prevent group. The company Car Trim provides fabrics for seat covers, the ES Automobilguss is responsible for certain transmission parts. Both have suspended deliveries for VW for weeks, apparently because of a failed project with Volkswagen.

The suppliers rejected a responsibility, VW itself to blame on the development. The present situation is the result of a timely and groundless termination of contracts, said ES Automobilguss CEO Alexander Gerstung. “VW is forcing us to take this action in order to protect our own employees in Lower Saxony and Saxony, and ultimately ensure the survival of the company.” Therefore, the two companies called for a mid double-digit million Euro-amount of VW. As the Group refuses a compensation, they had been obliged to stop delivery.

“We are still working on an agreement”, said VW. The company is already working to explore all legal options to obtain the parts. But the dispute could drag: Although the Brunswick Landgericht company Car Trim and ES Automobilguss committed injunctions for further deliveries of Volkswagen, there is still no replenishment for Volkswagen. ES Automobilguss mused Court an appeal against the injunction. Car Trim, which belongs to the same parent company, therefore, may appeal nor the appellate court.

A “lousy game supplier”?

VW wants to use all possible ways to get the missing pieces. So in the end could the bailiff bring a pinch with the police in tow the much needed parts from suppliers.

“Here runs a very lousy game of suppliers,” criticized VW works council head Bernd Osterloh in the “Bild” newspaper. Short work suppose no one lightly. “Many are here in Wolfsburg worry how it goes.” According to it has never been a halt in production at VW because of a dispute trader


call for coercive measures – and mediation

the second largest shareholder of VW – Lower Saxony – called for tough action. The already considerable damage would increase with each passing day, said Prime Minister Stephan Weil. If the negotiated solution fail, there should be “coercive” said the SPD politician.

Lower Saxony Economics Minister and VW board Olaf Lies will mediate in the dispute. He’ll talk to his Saxon official and party colleague Martin Dulig about the SPD politician told the radio station NDR Info. “This dispute is also for medium-sized companies in Saxony nothing where you can say so easy, this continues,” said Lies. But also in the interests of VW employees of the conflict must be resolved quickly

Around these parts, it is

Two VW suppliers refuse the car company, the supply of parts. Both companies from Saxony are Prevent Group.

VW has not confirmed that it comes to transmission parts in one of the two delivery operations. The ES Automobilguss specializes in “differential housing” called castings. The casting surrounds the differential gear. This compensates different wheel speeds of at driven axles which approximately arise that during cornering the outside wheel must travel a longer distance than the inner.

The second company, Car Trim, provides materials for seat covers on a VW subsidiary named Sitech. The 100-percent subsidiary manufactures seats for VW and is presumably part of remuneration or even complete seat covers from the supplier. The injunction of the Landgericht Braunschweig against the producers showed it comes to upholstery parts.

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