Friday, May 13, 2016

Safe countries of origin: In the Bundestag, the Greens are spared – NEWS



 Friday, May 13, 2016


  From Hubertus Volmer


 To reduce the number of migrants from the Maghreb, said the Bundestag Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria to safe countries of origin. For the federal government that is a “clear message both internally and externally.”



With the voices of the grand coalition of the Bundestag approved the classification of the three Maghreb countries of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco as “safe countries of origin”. Contrary to what one might have expected, the speaker of the other parties spared the Greens in the debate that preceded the vote

For the contradictory position of the Greens invites actually to criticism almost a. Sit in the Bundestag they the scheme, in Baden-Württemberg Minister President Winfried Kretschmann has the approval in the Bundesrat written into the coalition agreement

the reason for the friendly interaction with the Greens should be diplomatic nature. they are needed. Without the approval of at least three green governed or mitregierten countries in the Bundesrat, the law has no chance. ruled or mitregierten from the left Länder not

De Maizière takes – In October 2015, most federal states had agreed with green government of the classification of the Balkans Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro to safe countries of origin. counterarguments anticipate

Despite the establishment of their party colleagues in the southwest, the Greens occurred in the Bundestag debate, as if an agreement on the draft law of the coalition unthinkable. The MPs Luise Amtsberg accused Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, he wanted to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria to explain safe countries of origin, even though he may know that there are human rights violations there. The federal government is not about “the local people”, but to domestic policy.

In fact, de Maizière had opened the debate with a confession, which took up the main arguments of the opposition, before they had ever come to speak , The federal government know of course, the critical issues that are connected with the human rights situation in these countries, de Maiziere said. Here, the CDU politician was very concrete: In Algeria rapists to go unpunished if their victim was a minor and marry it after the fact. In Morocco must fear prosecution, who on the annexed Western Sahara is the claim of the country in question. In Tunisia homosexual acts are punishable

This so bluntly, was a clever rhetorical gambit:. Multiple introduced the speakers of the Left and the Greens their arguments with formulating a, the interior minister had the already said.

“Presumably safe countries of origin”

De Maizières central argument was the declining overall protection rate – ie the number of recognized asylum seekers from these countries. In the first quarter of 2016 the rate was 0.7 percent. Should read: Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians who come to Germany know they have little chance of being classified as refugees or asylum seekers. At the same time stressed the interior minister, the individual right to asylum remains even after the classification of these countries are made as safe countries of origin.

Official Bergs accusation the federal government were merely concerned with domestic politics, de Maizière became widely known. The federal government go there with the bill to “clear statements inwards and outwards” – ie a signal to the people of the Maghreb, that they have no prospect of a right to stay in Germany, and to the Germans that the Federal Government . the number of refugees further reduced

Similarly, expressed the SPD domestic politician Burkhard Lischka: “If we do not pull Democrats clear boundaries, we left the field to the right-wing populists and xenophobes.” The SPD deputy Sebastian Hartmann pleaded not to speak of “safe countries of origin”, but of “allegedly safe countries of origin”, since it relates to a “rebuttable presumption of persecution freedom”.

“Black Friday for the right of asylum “

the left-politician Andrej Hunko spoke against a” black Friday for the right to asylum in Germany “, it was” a further mutilation right of asylum “. Hunko appealed to the Greens, the law in the Bundesrat to stop together with the Left. “It will be very important to see exactly how the Federal Council will decide in June,” he said.

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The Green Party MP Volker Beck criticized the government had indeed assured that the scheme should apply only to people from Morocco with Moroccan nationality – not for the Saharawi people, the inhabitants of the occupying Moroccan Western Sahara. But how come a Sahrawi to Europe, said Beck. “If he does not flee by Mauritania, he has to Morocco. Then he has to obtain a Moroccan passport.”

The Greens submitted a resolution in which it demanded that countries where homosexuals are persecuted principle can not be explained to safe countries of origin. That application was supported by the left and therefore was no majority.

Before voted, Beck called on the SPD deputies, the law in the Bundestag disagree. His party colleagues in the southwest, he did not mention.



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