Friday, May 20, 2016

Food: plastic parts in frozen rosti: McCain calls batches back – ABC Online

Friday, 05.20.2016, 09:57
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The frozen food manufacturers McCain calls precaution potato rosti back in Bavaria and Hesse. In the products might occasionally white hard plastic parts with sharp edges occur. The company warns of risk of injury.

The frozen food manufacturers McCain calls in Bavaria and Hesse, the Potato Rosti “McCain rösti”, 450 g package, batch number G29 / 10 / 2015-before date (BBD): 10/2017 and “McCain rösti”, 1000 g package, batch number G21 / 10/2015 time frame bottling 19:00 to 22:00, MHD: 10/2017 back. Consumers are asked to dispose of these items. McCain refund the purchase price and postage costs.

Sharp plastic parts in rösti

In the products could occur singly white hard plastic parts, the company warned on Thursday in Eschborn in a consumer information. The few centimeters large plastic parts could have sharp edges, creating a “certain risk of injury” exists when biting or chewing.

McCain stressed that only the products are affected by the said batch numbers. All other products could be safely consumed

Be careful when buying vegetables. These varieties are most loaded with pesticides


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