Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cheap prices: existential fears for a liter of milk – Tagesspiegel

The fact that he will not have his farm in one year, does not believe Benjamin Meise beechwood. As he has thousands of other dairy farmers because of low prices immense financial problems. What could help the industry, would in his opinion a slaughter premium. 1000 euros for each cow killed.

Just before the “milk summit” next Monday the German Farmers’ Association has made its demands clear once again. Also present was Benjamin Meise to draw a picture of the practice. “We expect concrete, immediate effective support for enterprises”, Vice President Udo Folgart said Thursday. In the form of liquidity support and tax relief. In addition, there must be a better amount control, but which can not be regulated by the state, added Secretary General Bernhard Krüsken. But the market was too global and open.

In his opinion, the dairies are in the position to regulate the offer more. “Only at this point can be reacted with the market to changing demand situations.” On the proposal of the slaughter premium, he said that a set-aside premium for farms would be more realistic. That was not so loaded ethically and morally.

The dishonest Discounter

Reasons for the decline in prices is weak demand in international markets, the import ban of Russia in response to EU sanctions because of Ukraine conflict and the oversupply at home and abroad. Another problem was the trade. The price pressure policy of discounters will increasingly becoming a struggle for survival of farmers. Who rack with regionality and sustainability and then sell milk cartons for 42 cents, was loud Folgart “simply dishonest”.

Klaus Gehrig, head of the Schwarz Group in Neckarsulm, belong to the Lidl and Kaufland, disagrees. “The problem is: there is too much production,” he said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Friday edition). “If the state wants to regulate something, then the state should regulate it. Through a special tax, all equally true. “

Almost simultaneously, 450 kilometers south of Berlin, Christian Schmidt said on Thursday before his constituency office with protesting dairy farmers. He introduced “fast direct aids” in view. “The risks of the dairy market must be distributed fairly,” he said in Neustadt an der Aisch. it was also clear: “For better producer prices, we need above all, consumers.” In surveys, they often say that they are willing to pay more money for milk. Only sees the decision at checkout different. Why is that, the representatives of the farmers’ association could not say.

One billion euro emergency aid

On the “milk summit” Schmidt wants to talk to representatives from agriculture, dairy industry and the trade. Talking is an assistance package of “100 million euros plus X”. According to the Farmers’ Association, the X must be considerable. Overlooking the adopted multibillion promote electric cars Krüsken said. “What is good for electric mobility, must also be right for agriculture” Bavarian Agriculture Minister Helmut Brunner calls on the EU one billion euros in emergency aid for needy businesses


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