Thursday, May 26, 2016

Air Berlin ?: soon end up boarding exacerbate price war – NEWS



 Thursday, 26 May 2016


 At Europe’s skies is being earned money right also because of the low oil price. On most profitable is the budget airline Ryanair, which wants to put the competition under pressure with a rapid expansion. Passengers can look forward to predatory pricing.



Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has accumulated in view of its record profit of 1.24 billion euros to old form: the German rival Air Berlin and Lufthansa subsidiary Euro Wings says of the 55-year-old Irishman in “Time” – Interview fast end within the next few years ahead. “I hope for a price war,” says the enterprising boss of Europe’s largest budget airline, is planning a further rapid expansion of its network with many new aircraft.

On the German market is for the attacker still a great deal to pick up as well as from studies by the German Aerospace center (DLR) is apparent. Ryanair and Easyjet in Europe by far the largest supplier, while it past fly the top dogs in Germany.


Lack of aggressiveness can not be accused of O’Leary. The “official racetrack” Cologne-Berlin is the first German internal connection in the Ryanair flight schedule, previously serviced regularly by Air Berlin and Euro Wings. In the months to come with Ryanair dozens new European connections of Berlin, Hamburg and Nuremberg to -. Larger airports with a relevant customer potential

Ryanair increased fleet massively

the opportunity to attack on the largest single European market seems O’Leary low: “What has changed Understanding in the past two years, is the implosion of Air Berlin causes most German airports offer us discounts that. we use it. ” Ryanair launches no longer exclusively of remote military slopes and only makes the Lufthansa hubs in Munich and Frankfurt because of its high airport charges a bow. This year alone, ask the Irish 52 new jets in the service and have more than 380 aircraft. Airports like Cologne-Bonn and Berlin Schönefeld have boomed additional Ryanair flier in the previous year, according to DLR.

The second largest German airline Air Berlin, however, the costs under their boss Stefan Pichler yet under brought control and finished 2015 with a record loss of nearly 447 million euros. Without the financial help of its Arab majority shareholder Etihad society would long ago have crashed. “It is our goal to Air Berlin more firmly as a brand in the future in the premium segment,” says Pichler and sweeps smaller compounds that accept Ryanair thanks and can operate at lower unit costs.

Euro Wings growth is slightly evaporated

Etihad will the remains of Air Berlin to sell in a few years to Lufthansa, etched O’Leary. The Lufthansa Group has reacted late to the boarding and want to keep up with the newly organized second brand Euro Wings. With a complete integration of the existing minority stake Brussels Airlines the Euro Wings fleet could quickly expanded and the appearance in the Benelux market be strengthened. Despite the record profits from the previous year, the complex group groaning under high costs and cancels the flight program of its premium brands Lufthansa, Swiss and AUA further together.

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The planned mainly in the Euro Wings growth was last this somewhat evaporated again due to the existing overcapacity in the market. The Frankfurt and Munich airports suffer from the shrinkage rate of its main customer Lufthansa. A few years ago it would have been unthinkable that a Frankfurt airport boss advertises via newspaper interview to boarding. However, the additional capacity of the new runway and the planned third terminal will be filled. “Low Cost will play a greater role in Frankfurt, because the market is so developed,” said Fraport’s CEO Stefan Schulte. Some providers such as Vueling and WOW are already on site, Easyjet should have already negotiated according Fraport repeatedly to off and landing rights.

The increasing attacks by low-cost companies in the Lufthansa hubs can Carsten Spohr not go unanswered forever. In Crane Nest Munich Air France Airline subsidiary Transavia has established itself with four machines already and wants to transport even one million passengers in the first year. Prompt Lufthansa announced that it would want to meet their own principles now also Euro Wings Jets from Munich start.



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