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TOTAL ROUNDUP: Showy values ​​at 30 car models – Opel defends itself – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

BERLIN (AFX) – the exhaust affair in the car industry turns increasingly to high values ​​in fuel consumption. lt In ongoing re-measurements on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Transport as a result of VW &; VOW3.ETR & gt; -Abgasskandals have been measured at 30 car models conspicuously high CO2 emissions. The vehicles consume more fuel so as indicated. The tests ran, were not yet complete, the Transport Ministry said on Friday in Berlin.

It will provide a comprehensive and transparent report, a spokeswoman said. To what models are and whether German or foreign cars are concerned, they did not say. remained open even when the report is to be published.

So far abnormalities had become known in harmful nitrogen oxide especially, now it comes to the emission of environmentally harmful carbon dioxide (CO2). The consequences for companies and car owners are unclear. At a higher consumption of the state would have to calculate also higher vehicle taxes

The Ministry had lt due to the scandal at Volkswagen &;. VOW3.ETR & gt; to manipulated emission tests for diesel vehicles a commission of inquiry set up. This is to find out, among other things, whether there is illegal shutdown systems for diesel cars with other manufacturers. Since abnormalities especially in nitric oxide levels have become known. In connection with these measurements also conspicuous CO2 values ​​according to the ministry but found.

According to a report in the news magazine “Der Spiegel” is among the models with higher CO2 values ​​as indicated inter alia an Opel Zafira diesel . are In a study on the test of the TÜV Nord in Essen such a model instead of the stated 109 grams CO2 per kilometer have cut off with 127 grams.

Opel was only recently come into focus. The “mirror” and the ARD magazine “Monitor” had submitted in cooperation with the German Environmental Aid last week search that indicate potentially illegal breaking devices in the exhaust gas purification latest Opel diesels. It is about the exhaust gas recirculation of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Opel rejected the accusations on Friday in an extensive opinion to back. Still applies that Opel insets no illegal software. In engines there is no illegal devices with which the emission can be switched off. The allegations were based on misleading simplifications and misinterpretations of the complex relationships of a modern diesel emission control system. The measurements presented doubted Opel again.

As far the only German manufacturer Volkswagen had the use of such a (software) added device. Opel has always appealed to the authorities in impaired function of the emission control on technical needs. Recently Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) had reveal doubts about the legal and technical review of the details by Opel and prompted the manufacturer to Nachberichten.

Environmental groups and the opposition criticized again the role of the Minister of Transport. “Dobrindt has the duty, tricks and manipulations educate and also to provide for sanctions in order scams have at the expense of consumers and the environment to an end”, called the Traffic Club VCD. The Green transport expert Oliver Krischer said: “Instead of continuing to ride out the agenda and thus to cover the cheating of the auto industry, Dobrindt must finally come clean.” / Hoe / DP / jha

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