Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CORRECTION / ROUNDUP Adidas sets in production again more on ‘Made in Germany’ – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

(correction: the first paragraph clarifies that Adidas still has a factory in Germany)

ANSBACH (AFX) – The sports goods manufacturer Adidas. & lt; ADS.ETR & gt; bringing production to a certain extent back to the front door: 23 years after Adidas has made almost all the Group’s own factories close in Germany, the Group rolled out the project “Made in Germany” in new. In the fall to the first 500 pairs go in a new German factory running shoes made in the trade, the company announced Tuesday at Ansbach in Middle Franconia. Starting next year, production will then go into series production. Around half a million pair could additionally formed in the home. So far, Adidas had only one factory in Scheinfeld, are manufactured in the main soccer shoes.

is made possible by the progress made in automation. The shoes are manufactured almost exclusively by robots that are on the grounds of Oechsler AG in Ansbach. Started the Group has the project with the long-term supplier in December last year. Because it’s all about speed, the factory bears the name “Speed ​​Factory”.

Meanwhile, Adidas has built not far from the site Oechsler a 4600 square meter production for commercial scale production. Another plant is planned in the coming year in the US, where the location is not yet known. One million pairs of shoes, these two works per year produce, estimates CEO Herbert Hainer. The construction of additional factories, as in France or the UK could follow.

So far, the shoes are still made by suppliers in Asia. From order to delivery can elapse 90 days by the long transport distances and the many intermediate steps in the production, in charge of the Speed ​​Factory Project Manager Adidas Gerd Manz & said lt; & gt ;. M5Z.ETR By robot, the time shortening to a few hours.

Further advantages are the savings in the cost of transportation and warehousing. Because production can always be adapted to the demand. Furthermore, the manufacturer needs fewer staff. Only about 160 people are needed for series production. At full automation is nevertheless not intended. And the factories in Asia it should continue to give. “We are however much cheaper and more efficient,” says Hainer. Around 300 million pairs of shoes, the group alone, 2015.

Customized For its longstanding Adidas boss who according his office to the former Henkel & in October; gt HEN3.ETR &; boss Kasper Rorsted passes, come full circle , “When I started at Adidas, we have just the production relocated to Asia,” said Hainer, working since 1987 for the Group reminded of the past 15 years at the top. “Now at the end of my term, we get the production back”.

In addition to shoes, the automated production of textiles is conceivable. “The jersey of the German national would we produce in any case, also in Germany,” Hainer said. The company currently is negotiating with the German Football Association (DFB) over an extension of the current until 2018 kit deal. Even rival Nike & lt; NKE.FSE & gt; & Lt; NKE.NYS & gt; should be interested. Hainer said he was confident that the DFB will decide again to sponsor Adidas. However, he do not believe that the DFB will yet come to a decision before the European Football Championship, said er./she/stb/he


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