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reaches agreement in negotiations on VW-house fare – Handelsblatt: Third Round


Volkswagen employees at a rally in the VW plant in Wolfsburg (Niedersachsen): Although no details on the agreement between IG Metall and employers have come to light, go observers expect that pilot agreement of the metal and electrical industry also part is likely to be the solution in the VW-house fare.

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Wolfsburg / Hanover in the end it was despite diesel crisis without delays: representatives of trade unions and employers at VW have achieved a degree for the 120,000 people in the house fare. IG Metall and the company agreed in the early hours of Friday in Hannover in their third round of talks. The learned the German Press Agency morning from negotiating circles.

The VW-house wage is Germany’s largest companies fare. Details of the new agreement to be announced later Friday. They are eagerly awaited, especially since the group infected because of diesel scandal in its greatest crisis and must save adamantly.

engines, models and brands in the VW exhaust scandal

  • core of the problem is according to VW, the diesel engine with the label EA 189. It was used in several brands , meets the EU Euro 5 emissions standard and is available with 1.2, 1.6 or 2.0 liters. Affected by the nitrogen oxide scandal are the model years 2009 to 2014. ‘/ P>

  • Around 15,000 models of the Golf BlueMotion will be at 2.0 liter engine and manual transmission converted – so Volkswagen responds to massive problems with the Passat-conversion. Because of the planned for the end of February Start of workshop visits for some 160,000 Passat models could not yet be implemented. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) denied VW release. Previously, the action for the Amarok pickup had begun.

  • Volkswagen calls for the small 1.2-liter engine in a customer letter a beginning workshop actions from 30. May. The medium-sized 1.6-liter engines are then tuned from 5 September.

  • A total need in Germany around 2, 5 million VW models back. When 1.6-liter drive a component to be used in addition to a software update. VW says, but all vehicles are without these improvements “technically safe and roadworthy”. In the US, 85,000 cars with 3.0-liter TDI also traveling that contain prohibited by US law engine software.

  • at the core VW brand cars including the sixth generation Golf, the Passat the seventh generation and the Tiguan the first generation are concerned.

  • the software is also in models of series A1, A3, A4 and A6 and Q3 and Q5 of the luxury subsidiary Audi.

  • diesel engines, which were used in Skoda and seat, are also within the exhaust scandal. In the light VW commercial vehicles older issues of the Caddy and Amarok are affected. The illegal in the US software of 3-liter diesel found in the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne and the Audi models Q5, Q7, A6, A7 and A8.

  • VW CEO Matthias Müller stated in a speech to the workforce last October that fall worldwide total of around 5 million automobiles the main VW brand cars under the affair. In addition, about 2.1 million Audis, 1.2 million Skoda, 700 000. Seats and 1.8 million light commercial vehicles.

insiders believe that a takeover of the recent successful pilot agreement of the metal and electrical industry is likely to be part of the solution in the VW-house fare. This compromise in the area of ​​tariff provides for a total of 21 months duration initially a one-time payment of 150 euros and then two steps more money before: 2.8 percent from July 2016 and a further 2 percent from April 2017. had in recent years Europe’s largest carmaker for its house wage always assumed the settlements from the area. Then some hinted even at the now finished in the night house-price negotiations. Content of the financial statements were in the morning but not initially to learn

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Finally, the IG Metall had at VW Amenities enforced such as extra subsidies for pension or lump sum payments, which the solution package of the surface tariff went out. Whether they succeeded this time again in times of billion-dollar diesel crisis is uncertain. Moreover, it was at VW unlike the comprehensive tariff also a question of regulating the partial retirement again. They expire at the end of this year.

The VW-house tariff applies in its six western German VW plants Emden, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Braunschweig and Kassel as well as in the finance subsidiary of Braunschweig. The 120,000 employees representing every fifth point in the group

A degree in line with the compromise in the area of ​​tariff would be a win-win. The union and the VW works could sell the agreement as a further sign that employees do not have to pay with their own losses, the impact of the crisis. That would be a renewed success, because before Pentecost the agreement had succeeded that exempt employees receive a profit-sharing itself for the loss of 2015 in VW. It flow 3950 euros, although the staff really were not entitled to bonuses because of the multi-billion dollar shortfall in the balance sheet. An agreement with the Board made yet possible exception. a third was still for the record 2014 flowed more: 5900 Euro

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However, the employer could evaluate a degree of surface level than their advantage. For the long period of almost two years bring VW planning security. The house wage personnel costs per capita would thus accurately calculable until 2018 in

The IG Metall had gone with two goals in the VW house bargaining. 5 percent more money in term of twelve months and an extension of the partial retirement agreement , Employers had remained in the second round in early May still without an offer.


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