Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ten-point plan against tax fraud: SPD calls: Citizens should their origin … – ABC Online

Saturday, 05.28.2016, 20:20
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The Panama Papers have pointed out that VAT fraud is still a big problem. The now wants to counteract consistently than has been the case, the SPD. But the party has drawn up a ten-point catalog to be decided by the party leadership on Monday.

“Even assets of uncertain origin to the future can be drawn “reads thus in the catalog that the Reuters news agency.” We turn the burden of proof “This point has it, because that means:. who does not say in the future, where his money comes from, who gets in trouble with the tax office.

SPD wants to tax fraud and money laundering for offenders make it unattractive

the SPD wants to force citizens therefore to disclose the origin of their wealth. so tax fraud and money laundering for offenders would unattractive, founded the party their advance.

Europe went every year about 1,000 billion euros lost through tax avoidance and evasion, Reuters quoted further from the draft. Furthermore will the SPD that the obligation to tax clarification in transactions with countries that are not on automatic exchange of information to take part, no longer expire after ten years.

the Social Democrats advocate internationally for common action among the 20 most important industrial and emerging countries against tax fraud and money laundering from. They also call for a “public reporting of large, international companies”, so such a thing as the “Panama Papers” reveals, can not happen again.

Wolfgang Schäuble had already in April a ten-point presented -Plan

through the evaluation of eleven million documents a worldwide network of journalists had revealed how the firm dozens top politicians, sports stars and other celebrities with letterbox companies helped to avoid paying taxes.

of measures of SPD is reminiscent, at least by name to the ten-point plan to shell companies and money laundering, Wolfgang Schäuble presented in April. However, experts believe that the plan of the Federal Treasury for insufficient

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