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IMD ranking – Austria: As a business location only average – Kleine Zeitung

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2007 was Austria still eleventh place in international competition ranking of the IMD. Now our country climbed from 26 to 24 back. The US lost its top position in Hong Kong.

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the annual ranking of the Swiss Institute for management development (IMD) has Austria in 2015 in the international competitiveness of a slight recovery from 26th place on 24 certified. 2007 was Austria but still ranked 11th Leader is Hong Kong, followed by Switzerland and last year’s winner USA. General Asia lost, Eastern Europe catching up, it is said in today’s report

The IMD ranking, which is published since 1989, rated four categories:. The economic development of Austria has improved from 21 to 19. The government efficiency improved from 39 to 35. The economic efficiency rose from 28th to 22, the infrastructure quality from 20 to 12. ‘/ P>

Skilled labor in Austria

Of the Single indicators are available for Austria the last place (61) for effective income tax, also the “need for economic and social reforms” Austria is only ranked 60th working, flexibility and management remuneration as well as ratio of taxes and social security are for IMD also very poor (grades 54-58). Top places there are among others the quality of life (2), health infrastructure (3), apprenticeships (3), social responsibility (3), motivation of workers (4), as well as health and environmental (5 each).

Nearly 92 percent of managers surveyed named the skilled workforce as an asset in Austria, 80 percent the reliable infrastructure and 70 percent political stability and predictability. For 65 percent, the good education and the efficient legal system are particularly relevant positive. None (0 percent) called government competence as starch Austria, only 3.2 per cent, the competitive tax system, respectively 6.5 percent economic growth, cost competitiveness and a business-friendly environment.

rich are getting richer

the top 20 countries in the IMD rankings have in particular a business-friendly regulation, a good infrastructure and efficient institutions. Many eastern European countries are working and the Czech Republic as number 27 is already close to the top 20, according to the report. They are followed by the CEE countries Lithuania (30), Estonia (32) and Poland (33) – these countries are with France (32), Spain (34) and Italy (35) par. In particular, the public sector in these countries is improving. Top Ten are Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Canada.

The information gathered for 25 years data also show that the rich richer and the poor get poorer. Since 1995, income inequality has increased between the States, although the pace has recently slowed. “Unfortunately, the problem for many countries that the accumulation of wealth by the rich without social security to the poor there is no benefit,” Arturo Bris, director of the IMD World Competitiveness Center is cited. “Innovation-driven economic growth in poorer countries improve competitiveness, but also increases the inequality. This is an issue that must be taken in the long term to the”.

IMD analyzed over 340 criteria in four categories. In addition, 5,400 managers are deepened on the situation in their country surveyed


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