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Sugar and water are in short supply: Coke stops production in Venezuela – NEWS



 Tuesday, 24 May 2016


 The economic crisis in Venezuela now affects the corporate giants. Coca-Cola can no longer produce locally. There is a shortage of sugar, but also to water. Only one is unimpressed by the lack of goods: President Maduro


Because sugar shortage must be stopped in socialist Venezuela, the Coca-Cola production. “Sugar producers in Venezuela have informed us that they have to stop producing due to lack of raw materials temporarily”, informed Coke spokeswoman Kerry Tressler. This will have an impact on the production of sugar-containing beverages in the coming days.

The production of beverages such as water and Coca-Cola Light is not affected and continue walking. One was to “take the necessary measures to resolve the situation.” With suppliers and government agencies in conversation In the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, the brown shower is very popular, and was last often easier to obtain than water, which is also the lack of product.

Earlier, the largest beer manufacturer, the company Polar, beer production set. Because of lack of foreign exchange no more barley malt could be paid from abroad and imported. There is also a shortage of medicines, lack partly in hospitals oxygen for respiration of patients.

fear of looting

About 95 percent of foreign exchange earnings will be financed by the sale of oil, the has slumped to an organized entirely by the state to the other. Especially private enterprises are hardly of foreign exchange. Although oil prices rose again recently, but this year the price of Venezuelan oil is so far at an average 28.70 US dollars per barrel, after $ 44.65 in 2015 and $ 88.42 in the year, 2014.

As the portal “El Nacional” reported guarding workers of Polar, which produces 80 percent of the beer in Venezuela and the largest private food group is that, because they fear four manufacturing a cast. President Nicolás Maduro has imposed a state of emergency by decree and the military and controlled by the Socialists vigilante empowered to ensure, if necessary by force of arms the food supply in the country.

Venezuela, once prosperous by high oil revenues, is facing ruin , Nevertheless Maduro upholds lush social programs. By the highest inflation in the world but people can buy less and less for their money, and there is due to shortage of foreign exchange barely enough food and medicines, which may be introduced. The supply is rationed, always there is looting, also the violence rate has continued to increase.

“war against hunger”

More about

The decree also rights of dominated by the opposition Parliament are limited, also warned Maduro against invasion, 520,000 soldiers, reservists and volunteers participated in the weekend at a military exercise. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who narrowly lost in the presidential election in 2013 against Maduro emphasized with a view to: “The war that you have to explain in Venezuela, is against hunger.”

The governor of Miranda criticizes the successor to the 2013 deceased heads of state Hugo Chávez to plan a coup to prevent the opposition alliance “table of democratic unity” (MUD), launched referendum Maduro deselection. In December, the opposition had clearly won the election. The government wants to prevent a referendum even in 2016, as it would then have to be new elections. Finding it, however less than two years before the end of the mandate Maduro instead and he would deselected, the vice president would assume under the Constitution into office – currently the Aristóbulo Istúriz, also socialist




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