Sunday, May 22, 2016

Because unintentionally false statements: GM compensates for excessive fuel consumption – NEWS



 Sunday, May 22 2016


 The US carmaker General Motors has detected too high consumption levels in three of its models. therefore buyers pay perhaps more for refueling than imagined. Now the automaker wants to meet its customers generous.


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The largest US automaker General Motors (GM) has started as a reparation for incorrect information to fuel consumption of its vehicles a compensation program. Most of the approximately 135,000 affected US customers will receive shopping vouchers worth 450-900 dollars, as the company announced. In individual cases, the compensation could be higher or lower. Alternatively, GM provides an extension of the warranty.

Affected city SUV models Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave from the Model 2016, the consumption was set too low. According to GM, it was a self-discovered and unintentional errors, the cause incorrect values ​​on the license issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA labels. Owner likely spent more on gasoline than anticipated time of purchase.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” at least one complaint of a car owner has been filed, which could lead to a collective process. The EPA has so far not commented on possible sanctions against GM. The company did not specify on which total add up the indemnities. Record will be charged not appreciably, it was only.



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