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Monday, 05.30.2016, 12:50
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The meat processor Sieber from the Bavarian Geretsried must currently sell hams and sausages more. In addition, the authorities have decreed that Exposed meat must be recalled.

The Bavarian Ministry of Consumer Protection warns against eating meat and sausages of the meat processor Sieber from Geretsried. “The ham and sausage products are potentially contaminated with Listeria and dangerous to health,” it says in a press release on Friday. The goods concerned are, however, already put on the market, the exact distribution channels are currently being investigated by the authorities.

Among other things, are also trademarks of Lidl and Rewe ( “Yes”) affected.

“in some individual cases, listeria were in ham and sausage products of our company found,” the resident in Geretsried near Wolfratshausen companies announced on Monday. The products have been withdrawn from the market. “We are asking consumers to destroy the products” , it says on the website of Sieber.

The company has provided a list of all products concerned into the net. under the number 08171/98 21 0 also a hotline for customer has been set up . “Consumers who may have purchased such a product return the goods in the trade and have the right to money refund or replacement goods,” says Daniela Krehl, nutritionist of Verbraucherzentrale Bayern.

If you do without this food, live up to six years longer

warning of “original Bavarian Wammerl”

the food experts at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI ) suggests that the product sold under the name “original Bavarian Wammerl” products of the company Sieber are to blame for a listeriosis outbreak in southern Germany. In the press release of the Ministry of Consumer Protection is talk of a “high likelihood that under the name” Original Bavarian Wammerl “products sold related to a listeriosis outbreak in the period from 2012 to the present time”.

Currently had been found in five other studies of the Bavarian food control Listeria on various sausages of Sieber. Therefore, the inspectors saw enough evidence that could pose a threat to the health of consumers of products of the company Sieber.

sausage giant also supplied Airports

Overall, Sieber has more than 100 tons of meat take out of circulation, which has already managed to market through retail, but also canteens and industrial kitchens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

On the homepage of the company Sieber calls than customers among others to Munich, Frankfurt Airport or the commercial kitchens and canteens “known automotive brands” and the Munich Olympic Centre. A detailed list of the affected canteens could the company on request of FOCUS Online not deliver.

These are the most noticeable symptoms

Listeria bacteria, which even at low temperatures, for example, in the refrigerator, can multiply. For healthy adults, they are usually not dangerous, in people with a weak immune system, infection can however be dangerous. People who have eaten in recent ham or sausages from Siebert, recommend the consumer protection therefore, for an examination.

“to have consumed risk groups such as pregnant women, young children or elderly people , the suspect is a product of the affected batch, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor to rule out an infection” advises Krehl. According to the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety Symptoms of infection include fever, muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea.

The following items should never eat

  • meats 5- fold 100g / SB
  • meats without meat finely 125g “My Best Veggie”
  • meats without meat pickles 125g “My Best Veggie”
  • meats without meat peppers 125g “My Best Veggie”
  • sliced ​​vegetarian fine 250g “vegetaris”
  • sliced ​​vegetarian fein125g “Good Bartenhof”
  • sliced ​​vegetarian pickles 250g “vegetaris”
  • sliced ​​vegetarian Gürkchen125g “Good Bartenhof”
  • sliced ​​vegetarian chili 125g “Good Bartenhof”
  • sliced ​​vegetarian chili 250g “vegetaris”
  • Back Leberkäs fine 250g in Aluform
  • Bauer salami 500g geschn.
  • Bayr. Alpine ham 80g GQB + RF
  • Bayr. Alpine ham m.Pfeffer 100g GQB + RF
  • Bayr. Beer ball 400g
  • Bayr. Beer ball in bubbles
  • Bayr. Bierwurst 1/2
  • Bayr. Bierwurst 100g / SB
  • Bayr. Gelbwurst in oblique section 400g GQB + RF
  • Bayr. Gelbwurst sliced ​​cal.60
  • Bayr. Kalbskäs 500g geschn.
  • Bayr. Leberkäs finely sliced ​​100g / SB
  • Bayr. Meat loaf fine-. 100g / SB
  • Bayr. Meat loaf fine-. 2kg
  • Bayr. Meat loaf fine-. 500g
  • Bayr. Leberkäs roughly 500g
  • Bayr. Leberkäs roughly 2kg
  • Bayr. Sausage salad in strips 300g
  • Bavarian Beer ball 400g o.Kühlung Stable
  • Bavarian Lyon 300g GQB
  • Bavarian sausage salad sliced ​​200g
  • Bavarian sausage salad sliced ​​400g
  • Bavarian Wammerl sliced ​​100g
  • Bierschinken 100g / SB
  • Bierschinken 500g sliced ​​
  • Bierwurst 500g sliced ​​
  • Bockwurst 10x100g
  • Bockwurst 10x90g
  • sausage 8x130g “Transgourmet Quality”
  • snack salami cooked, air dried 100g / SB
  • Brühpolnische 1 unit = 80g / SB
  • Brühpolnische 10x100g
  • Brühpolnische 10x80g
  • Brühpolnische 3 pieces / SB
  • Cabanossi 100g / SB
  • Carbonadenschinken 60g / SB
  • cocktail Weißwurst 20
  • curried sausage red 10xca.150g
  • Debrecziner 1 pair = 100g / SB
  • Debrecziner 20x50g
  • Debrecziner 20x50g “Transgourmet Quality”
  • Debrecziner 300g atmos / SB
  • Debrecziner classic 300g
  • Debrecziner fiery hot 300g
  • Debrecziner matured 300g
  • Deli. Bierschinken 1/1
  • Deli. Bierschinken 1/2
  • Deli. Champ.-meat sausage 1/2 / V
  • Deli. Pork sausage 1/1
  • Deli. Pork sausage 1/2
  • Deli. Ham “Transgourmet Quality” 1/2
  • Deli. Ham sliced ​​350g
  • Deli. Ham with pepper 1/2
  • Deli. Ham with pepper 250g
  • Deli. Ham with rosemary 1/2
  • Deli. Ham with rosemary 250g
  • Deli. Käsekrainer 250g
  • Deli. Liverwurst fine-. 80g / SB
  • Deli. Lyon sliced ​​1000g
  • Deli. Lyon in strips 1000g
  • Deli. Butcher meat sausage in the ring 400g
  • Deli. Chilli Lyon 1/1
  • Deli. Rostbratwurst 5x100g
  • Deli. Rostbratwürstchen 2x150g GQB + RF
  • Deli. Sausages 300g
  • Deli. Sausages 600g
  • Deli. Rostbratwürstchen m.Käse 300g
  • Deli. Ham sausage 2x200g
  • Deli. Roast pork nature 100g
  • Delikatess Debrecziner sharp 20x 50g
  • Delikatess Kalbskäs sliced ​​100g
  • delicacy Käsekrainer 20x50g
  • delicacy Vienna 20 atmos
  • fine cuts without meat 100g “vegetaris”
  • Fleischkäs fine “Transgourmet Quality”
  • Fleischkäs finely Chopped 500g
  • Fleischkäs cut roughly 500g
  • Fleischkäs coarse “Transgourmet Quality”
  • sausage into strips 400g
  • sausage into strips 500g
  • fresh sausage sliced ​​1/1
  • fresh sausage sliced ​​1/2
  • Gelbwurst 1.0kg
  • Gelbwurst 125g matter. / SB
  • Gelbwurst 250g matter. / V / SB
  • Gelbwurst 400g bevel
  • Gelbwurst 400g bevelled GQB + RF “Good Ponholz”
  • Gelbwurst sliced ​​100g / SB
  • Gelbwurst m.Peters.1,0kg
  • Gelbwurst with parsley sliced ​​100g / SB
  • Göttingen in the bladder
  • Göttingen sliced ​​100g / SB “W .Brandenburg “
  • Grills 3x60g” vegetaris “
  • Gürkchen cuts without meat 100g” vegetaris “
  • ham around 1/2 / V
  • background ham 500g
  • Cottage meats with cheese 80g “vegetaris”
  • Cottage meats -rustikal- 80g “vegetaris”
  • Jagdwurst 1/2
  • Jagdwurst 500g sliced ​​
  • Kabanossi 10 items atmos
  • Kalbsbratwurst fein.40x100g TK
  • Kalbskäs white 1/2 / V
  • calf cheese pickled 2 Sch./100g
  • Kalbslunge
  • veal Lyon 500g 500g matter. geschn.
  • Käsekrainer 1 pair = 100g
  • Käsekrainer 10x90g
  • salami 1.0kg
  • salami 150g / SB
  • salami sliced ​​500g
  • Krakow Ia air dried / V
  • Landjäger 1 pair = 75g / SB
  • Landjäger 2 pair / V / SB
  • Landjäger 700g “Transgourmet Quality”
  • Landjäger 800g / V
  • liverwurst meat fine-. 1.0kg
  • liverwurst meat fine-. 2.0kg
  • liverwurst meat TK 2.0kg / Form
  • meatloaf fine-. 300g
  • Lyon 1/2 Ring
  • Lyon 1/2 ring 250g “W.Brandenburg”
  • Lyon 100g / SB
  • Lyon 130g / SB
  • Lyon 500g sliced ​​
  • Lyon 8x 130g
  • Lyoner in ring ring 1/1
  • Lyon sliced ​​400g
  • Lyon in bars Kal.60
  • butcher ham 1/1 / V
  • butcher Landjäger 10 pair
  • Mini Debrecziner sharp 1kg
  • Mini Munich white sausage 120x35g TK
  • Mini Munich white sausage 20x35g
  • Mini Rostbratwürstchen m. Heumilchkäse 1kg
  • Mini wieners 1kg
  • Mini Grillies 40x25g “vegetaris”
  • Mini Grillies 6x25g “vegetaris”
  • Mini- Wiener 6x25g “vegetaris”
  • Mortadella 500g sliced ​​
  • Mortadella South German Stud Books. type 1/2
  • Münchn. Weißwurst 10x75g
  • Münchn. Weißwurst 20x75g
  • Münchn. White Sausage 300g
  • Münchn. White Sausage 300g (o.Kalbfleisch)
  • Munich white sausage 20x70g
  • Munich white sausage 60x70g TK
  • Nuremberg city sausage in the ring 350g
  • Orig. Bayr. Wacholderwammerl
  • Orig. Bayr. Wammerl 300g
  • Orig. Bayrischer cooked ham 80g GQB + RF
  • Orig. Bavarian meat loaf 10x100g
  • Orig. Bavarian meatloaf 300g
  • peppers cuts without meat 100g “vegetaris”
  • paprika pork sausage 100g / SB
  • Chili Lyon 1/2
  • Paprika -Lyoner 500g sliced ​​
  • Palatine Würstl 20x50g
  • pepper biter 1 pair = 100g / SB
  • pepper biter 20x50g
  • Pressack red
  • Pressack red 500g sliced ​​
  • Pressack red 100g / SB
  • Pressack white
  • Pressack white 100g / SB
  • Pressack white 500g sliced ​​
  • Regensburg 1 pair = 150g / SB
  • Regensburg 15x80g
  • Regensburg 400g
  • Regensburg 400g GQB
  • Regensburg sliced ​​1kg
  • Regensburg rod 1kg
  • roll juice ham 1/2 / V
  • roll juice ham 100g / SB
  • Rostbratwürstchen 50x20g
  • Sharp Red Bauernwurst 10x80g
  • ham sausage in the ring 500g
  • Schinkenwurst roughly 1/2
  • Schinkenwurst roughly 100g / SB
  • Schw.ger. Wammerl ca.300g / V / SB
  • Schwarzger. Wammerl 1/2
  • pork nature 100g “Good Ponholz”
  • pork nature 100g GQB + RF “Good Ponholz”
  • pork sausages 30x40g
  • Swiss sausage salad in strips 200g
  • Swiss sausage salad in strips 300g
  • Swiss sausage salad in strips 400g
  • Vegetarian snack salad 180g “vegetaris”
  • ham 500g geschn.
  • ham 1/2 / V
  • juniper Roller 1/2 / V
  • Vienna 1 pair = 100g / SB
  • Wiener 5 piece SB
  • Vienna sausages 20x50g
  • Wollwurst 10x 100g
  • Wollwurst 60x70g TK

that on Monday still contaminated meat is offered, but experts consider it improbable. “Starting today, consumers can actually calmed down meat in the catering consume the information about the recall have certainly the Canteens and catering reach,” says Verbraucherschützerin Krehl. Whether meat from susceptible butcher had been processed in the past few days, consumers should bring in doubt in the canteens themselves in experience, she advises

repulsive pictures:. Prove Verbraucherschuetzer what really happens in some German bakeries

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