Sunday, May 22, 2016

Exhaust scandal at Italian carmaker: report: Fiat cheated with illegal software – NEWS



 Sunday, May 22 2016


 Even Fiat Diesel show in studies showy emissions. Well a newspaper reports: The vehicles use a similar fraud software as VW. The information comes from a German partner and supplier.



The auto giant Fiat Chrysler has a newspaper report cheated in emission tests with an illegal software. This would result in tests of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, reported the “Bild am Sonntag”, citing the confidential report. The report has already been sent to the European Commission and the Italian Administration.

According to the report of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office of the auto supplier Bosch had informed the German authorities a few weeks ago about the fact that Fiat in vehicles of environmentally friendly Euro norm 6 showy “software, applications and calibrations” use that “may not appear with the law,” it said in the “Bild am Sonntag”.

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Several audits by the Federal Motor Vehicle Office confirmed reportedly suspect that the vehicles emission control completely power down after every 22 minutes. This was “sufficient evidence of an impermissible shutdown” rendered, it is stated in the report. Check the newspaper Fiat Chrysler announced the group was “on this topic publicly no opinion”.

The Italian carmaker had recently made in Germany a scandal. The company said a scheduled for last Thursday appointment at the Federal Ministry of Transport “in the short term by lawyer letter” from. Background of the so ruptured appointment were testing domestic diesel vehicles and foreign manufacturers who had ordered the Federal Ministry of Transport after learning of the exhaust affair at Volkswagen. Here irregularities were also detected in Fiat.



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