Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Protest against plans of Deutsche Bahn: The night train to remain – Tagesspiegel

One can strive Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie or Pascal Mercier, to prove that a night train is more than to travel from A to B. Or one can count as the German Railways: 2015 has the business with couchette retracted with a turnover of around 90 million euros to a loss of 31 million euros. The last connection is therefore offered in December – after it’s over. “City Night Line: You travel during sleep”, so is the railway company no longer advertise. Even now you can not book many routes. The “niche” as the Group Board says, has become increasingly unprofitable with the part 40 years old night train cars.

“Do you think the ladies and gentlemen not a word,” says Joachim Holstein. “The deficit has not increased, it was enlarged.” Holstein is spokesman of the Economic Committee of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB European Rail Service, which is responsible for operation and service on the night trains. He criticizes the management to have the business expected deliberately unprofitable. Instead of the official number of 1.4 million passengers it had last been 2.6 million when you add count the night train parts appended conventional cars. “On the track the night trains are profitable,” says Holstein, “the deficit arises in web-Tower.”

online petition collected 29,000 votes against

The review is based on broad support in web-friends. On Tuesday Holstein handed an online petition to preserve the car and night trains to the transport committee of the Bundestag. Almost 29 000 voices came together. The petition is part of a campaign against the plans of the web, organized an alliance of traffic experts. On Tuesday, the “Alliance web for all” presented in Berlin the vision of a new, Europe-night train system. “Luna Liner” relies on the cooperation of the major railway operator in Europe and probably in this form probably never become a reality. The initiators it is rather about showing that the infrastructure and the demand would be present to span a network of night trains in Europe – with a theoretical capacity 10000-12000 passengers per night, as Dieter Doege, state chairman of the passenger association Pro Bahn Berlin / Brandenburg,.

Michael Cramer said MEPs of the Greens and Chairman of the transport Committee, considers such an offer climate policy necessary. “A European transport revolution is overdue, and the night trains are indispensable,” he said. A quarter of greenhouse gas emissions come from transport. He was the only sector where emissions were recently increased – by 22 percent – while emissions from industry have fallen by 38 percent. Cramer referred to the “unfair competition”, in which the web stand compared to road or air transport. The latter would preferably in the tax policy. With the reduction of its offer “rolls the path the red carpet for their worst competitors from” Cramer said

GDL boss Weselsky:. Web can not do what they want

Sharp went Claus Weselsky, head of the train drivers’ union GDL, not only by rail, but also with the policy to task. “You have to remember that the web is owned by the Federation,” he said. The railway management can not “do what it wants.” The MPs stood now in the duty to represent the interests of the common good. Reigning Railway Board has the task to “correct mistakes” that were taken by managers who are no longer in office. “Night trains are a political issue, not internal matter of the web”, Sabine Leidig Weselsky agreed. The transport policy spokesperson of the Left parliamentary group called the Transport Committee to prevent the closure plans of the web

If this does not work, have -. Rumor – Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) interest in parts of the rail offer to take over. In the next few weeks, ÖBB will comment. Already serviced ÖBB Night Train trails in Germany – approximately from Vienna to Berlin or Munich. According to Winfried Wolf, editor of Campaign magazine “LunaPark21″, the night train business accounts for around 15 percent of sales in ÖBB-distance traffic. The Austrians also wanted to invest 30 million euros in the business field. The expansion was still decided by Christian Kern, who was recently elected Austrian Chancellor.


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