Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shopping on the Internet – Zalando will bind Fashion Brands se – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Berlin (dpa) – fashion company to online trading with their brands in the future can completely unwind over Zalando

“the goal is actually: We want to become the digital strategy of our brand partners.”, said the board of the Berlin Internet marketing company, David Schneider, at the second general meeting of the company.

brand companies should be able to set up and manage their own digital stores on the platform. Even former rivals like Zara and H & M wants the company long-term commitment to its platform. Especially when shopping through mobile apps it has become extremely difficult for the fashion company to target customers, Schneider said.

This year alone will Zalando invest 200 million euros in logistics and technology. Above all it is the company about further expand its market share. In the 15 countries where Zalando is active, 420 billion euros annually would generate in fashion retail – have the Berlin it so far only accounts for less than one percent. . “We see why there already have extremely much air to grow,” board member Schneider

said also the company wants to further hone its customer friendliness: The far only testweise introduced delivery day of the order is to be promoted , And who more frequently send back goods, need not fear further that his account will be blocked. The return rate lie for years fairly stable at 50 percent. In future, better images and better size suggestions push this proportion

Zalandos share price weakened recently. After peaking in December, the share fell to the end of May, around a quarter of its value. With a dividend, shareholders may continue not expected for the time being. The company would invest the profits and not throw, said board member Rubin Ritter. Malte Diesselhorst of the German protection combination for security possession called a long-term commitment to the dividend. This could stabilize the last quite strongly fluctuating stock price.

The operating result of the online fashion shipment laid last year by almost a third to EUR 107.5 million to. Were received 55.3 million orders. The company employs some 10 000 employees.

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