Friday, May 27, 2016

Dax saves profits for the weekend: Yellen does not scare Wall Street – NEWS



 Friday, May 27, 2016


 How the rabbit in the headlights solidify investors close out the week before the US Federal Reserve boss. The Good: The Dax can retain the rich profits of the previous days. The Wall Street reacts only initially with losses on Yellens utterances evening.



As soon from the place of the German stock market was moving before the speech by Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen evening. The German index Dax closed at the end by 0.1 percentage improved to 10,286 points. An increase of just around 14 dots.

The index, however, can maintain its rich gains of recent days. Since Tuesday, the DAX moved up to 444 points. “A possible rate hike in the United States has lost its terror,” said Daniel Saurenz of Feingold Research. “Investors are obviously relieved that the US economy is so strong that a small rate hike in summer might be possible. Accordingly, further stops the rally in gold and silver, stocks put hand to.”

The revised US GDP data are irrelevant meanwhile. GDP for the first quarter has been adjusted in the second reading on annualized up 0.8 percent to provisionally up 0.5 per cent. Economists expected a revision to plus 1.0 percent. According Helaba investment activity remains weak. Also the index Michigan University gave investors no attention. The consumer sentiment brightened although in the second reading at 94.7 points. However, the expectation was 95.

Meanwhile, simmered it in the rumor mill continues. In SDax the share of SGL Carbon shot with a mighty leap upwards. The Manager magazine wrote, citing the business community, the Chinese state chemical company ChemChina would SGL Carbon accept. These ChemChina CEO Ren Jianxing’ve had several meetings with SGL boss Juergen Kohler and Susanne Klatten. ChemChina, the Manager-Magazin further would prefer to take over the entire company, but is open to all

Frankfurt:. SGL Carbon with rally in SDax

 The Dax closed at the end 0.1 percent higher at 10,286 points. The MDax showed little stronger and increased by 0.3 percent to 20,811 points. Almost unchanged, however the TecDAX , which remained at 1690 points. The Euro Stoxx 50 listed 0.1 percent increase on 3075 points.

In the individual values ​​stung SGL Carbon in SDax clearly that to say after a media report on a buying interest from ChemChina at the end and write about 27 percent upward hissed.

In the Dax stood Siemens near the top, which improved by 1.6 percent followed by Beiersdorf , which rose 1.0 percent. Leader, however, were Infineon with an increase of 1.6 percent. The losers included Lufthansa , which donated 0.4 percent. Analysts at investment group Liberum have lowered the Lufthansa-price target to 11.60 from 12.90 euros.

In the MDAX benefited Covestro of a buy recommendation by analysts at Barclays. The plastics division of Bayer had recently suffered temporarily amid speculation Bayer could finance the proposed acquisition with a sale of Covestro shares. However, Barclays looks for the chemical sector as a whole only neutral outlook for positive so far. The shares rose 1.4 percent to

A negative analyst comments sent Klöckner & amp. Co is plummeting. The shares of the steel trader dropped by 5.9 percent and were the worst performer in SDax. Experts UBS rated their assessment for papers on “Sell” back from “Neutral”

USA:. Wall Street wavers but does not fall

 With voltage of the market had been waiting for the Fed-President – and it has “delivered”: With their statements, expectations for an early turnaround in interest rates increased. So Yellen said among other things, a rate hike in the coming months is likely to be probably appropriate. This might point to a rate hike in June or July.

With the statements the quotations of bonds and gold came back, while the dollar gained ground. Stocks showed volatile, but ran in late fiscal upwards. Even longer was in the stock market lost interest turning to terror, because it is now seen more as a signal for a health-giving economy and thus seen as positive.

Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.3 percent to 17,873 points. The S & amp; P 500 won 0.4 percent to 2,099 points and the Nasdaq Composite climbed 0.7 percent to 4,934 points.

“Now are some doubts dispelled,” said Roberto Perli Cornerstone Macro to Yellens utterances. After the chorus of Fed members in recent times, the voice of the boss have been missing, and now they have provided for greater clarity. He expects a rate hike in July.

The response to the statements Yellen talking total limited, as had been priced in has long been a speedy turnaround in interest rates. So the so-called Fed fund futures for the probability of a rate hike had increased even before the speech for the June 34 and 30 percent for July 62 from 58 percent.

For some reluctance Börsianer the long weekend made in the USA. There the Memorial Day is celebrated on Monday. The stock markets will remain closed. On the bond market is therefore on Friday only shortened traded.

Asia: Nikkei climbs

 The stock markets in East Asia tend to week ending mixed. Again Yellen Speech will now await the .

up with the courses it is in Tokyo where the Nikkei 225 at length by 0.4 percent and closed at 16,835 points. In Sydney S & amp climbs; P / ASX 200 also 0.6 percent. By contrast, the Shanghai Composite falling 0.3 percent to 2814 points back and the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong is about 0 , 3 percent down.

More about

The shares of the automotive supplier Aisin Seiki registered a premium of 6.7 percent in Tokyo after the company was able to convince the fiscal year with the view. By contrast, in Singapore lose the shares of IHH Helthcare 2.2 percent according to the figures for the first quarter. The figures look at first glance, although greatly from, but have the company benefited mainly from one-off effects, it is from the market

Currency:. Euro traded well below $ 1.12

Euro -Course fell on Friday after the speech of Fed chief Yellen well below 1.12 US dollars. The euro traded at session high even at around $ 1.12, he fell back to $ 1.1113 in late US trade. In the morning, the euro had cost even $ 1.12. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate later on 1.1168 (Thursday: 1.1168) dollar notes

commodities. Oil prices fall again

The oil prices remained after its rally yesterday below $ 50. On Thursday, the North Sea Brent and US light oil WTI had broken the psychologically important mark for the first time in seven months. “Oil prices could fluctuate in the coming months in the range of 40 to 50 dollars,” said Yvanne Lai, analyst at National Australia Bank. A higher demand for gasoline, especially in the United States could maintain prices.

On Friday we went with Brent and WTI is now back. The U S WTI prices were down by 0.3 percent to $ 49.33 per barrel. Traders said after the recent upwind is not a small setback surprising. This week kicks an increase of 1.9 percent should be recorded for WTI. Takeover fantasy at Valeant The gold suffered also slightly below the slightly stronger dollar. The price of an ounce dropped 0.8 percent to $ 1,212.



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