Friday, May 13, 2016

Car: VW-exempt employees receive 3950 Euro Bonus – ABC Online

Friday , 05.13.2016, 19:47
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A third less, but after all: Board and works at VW have agreed on a bonus. There are per capita despite Diesel debacle almost 4000 euros. Made possible by a reform of the collective agreement for the employee bonus.

The 120,000 employees in VW-house wage get 3950 euro bonus despite the diesel crisis per capita. An adaptation of the collective agreement makes the windfall possible.

Because the original profit-sharing for 2015 should have omitted because of losses in the diesel crisis. Alternatively, it should be a voluntary recognition bonus for which it had given earlier a handshake agreement between VW CEO Matthias Müller and the works council chairman Bernd Osterloh. Only the amount of which was still unclear

Now, a collective agreement allows modification of the tax base, the profit sharing yet. It will be moved onto a two-year basis. This innovation makes the already now flowing 3950 euro bonus to bonus.

A year ago, there had been the previous regular employee bonus 5900 Euro per head. With the premium this year now flowing 1950 euros less. That’s a third loss.

“The employees of Volkswagen in the past year, despite the difficult situation a very good team performance brought. Your strong commitment deserves recognition and is now paying in the form of profit sharing, “said Volkswagen’s personnel chief Karlheinz Blessing. “Profit sharing is also a clear signal that Board and works will take the difficult challenges together in attack.”

VW group works council head Bernd Osterloh said: “The staff of our plants was last year under a heavy load , Extra shifts and overtime have shaped the image. They have shown that they are fixed for companies even in difficult times. “Between Board and works therefore reign agreement that the employee would have earned the bonus.

Overall, showered Volkswagen with the premium from the substance 474 million euros from the collective workforce. That’s about seven times as much as the sum which is to flow for 2015 dividend. The distribution to shareholders charged VW also from the substance, because the diesel crisis had the group in 2015 eingebrockt a billion loss.

The 120,000 people in the VW company agreement to work in the six western German VW plants in Wolfsburg, Emden , Hannover, Salzgitter, Braunschweig and Kassel as well as in the VW-financial subsidiary based in Braunschweig. Thus, the bonus to employees looks like a small stimulus package especially for Lower Saxony.

It was the awards of the group management board last argument given. With a compromise on the supervisory board, it was at the end of addition, that the Board waived a third of his variable compensation first. But the sum of flows when the price of the VW preference shares to win 25 percent in the next three years. If he places stronger, there are more and the initial partial waiver proves even as an investment. This loophole had triggered criticism.

The 3950 Euro employee profit share are a gross amount. As usual flowed in advance as a kind of Christmas bonus end of 2015 already a reduction of 1545 euros gross with the November salary.


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