Golf production in Wolfsburg © Julien Stratenschulte / Reuters

Despite the gas scandal, the Volkswagen Group pays its workforce this year a success fee. Thus the dividend for fiscal 2015 is 3,950 euros gross for how the Group management announced. The bonus will be paid out to all home fare paid staff. The VW employees had “brought a very good team performance in the past year, despite the difficult situation,” said Volkswagen personnel director Karlheinz Blessing.

A year ago, there had been the previous regular Bonus 5,900 euros per employee. With the premium this year now flowing 1,950 euros less; which is a third penalty.

Because of the necessary provisions for the gas scandal, the Group had 2015 the largest loss made its history. At the Annual General Meeting in late April it became known that the Supervisory Board for more than twelve million euros 2014 2015 earning virtually nothing. The total amount for the inspectors fell 2015 to 697,000 euros – a drop of about 94 percent. CFO Frank Witter had then also announced that the scandal will affect the investment. To compensate would possible synergies between the twelve Group brands are “better” used.

Volkswagen had given in September following an investigation in the United States of manipulating the emission values ​​for environmental testing of diesel vehicles. The forbidden software causes in the car that in testing a lower pollutant emission is measured, as it arises in normal operation.