Thursday, May 19, 2016

Exhaust affair: Fiat snubbed Federal Government –

In the exhaust affair Fiat ensures a scandal: a meeting with the federal government because of increased exhaust emissions, the company had burst. Transport Minister Dobrindt criticized the manufacturers sharply and accused him of uncooperative behavior.

The Italian automaker Fiat is on a collision course with the German authorities. The carmaker had a meeting with the Ministry of Transport to burst exhaust affair. Minister Alexander Dobrindt was agreed with Fiat representatives to talk about the suspected illegal shutoff devices for diesel vehicles of the manufacturer. Lawyers Group said this week from the short term. This was confirmed by the Ministry.

The Group wished to pursue, no discussions on this matter with the Ministry of Transport, because you think the German authorities do not have jurisdiction, it says industry sources.

Increased exhaust emissions

at the meeting, it should, inter alia, tests of the Federal motor Vehicle Office (KBA) in Flensburg. The KBA had examined in order Dobrindts diesel vehicles from different manufacturers. Fiat cars were there noticed by increased emissions. The systems for exhaust gas purification in the Fiat engines should have therefore switched off automatically after 22 minutes. A standardized emission test takes 20 minutes


After the first signs the Transport Ministry had tried by Fiat an explanation to get. According to reports, representatives of the automaker were already unwilling to constructive discussions at a meeting. The KBA wanted then examine three Fiat vehicles with 1.6 and 2.0- and 2.2-liter engines. In a car, the suspicion hardened. In the two other vehicles were delayed testing because Fiat is said to have supplied the necessary data, or only with great delay.

Upon request, a spokesman from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, one would this “topic still not public” comment. Fiat has acquired the US group Chrysler two years ago and since then the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Drobrindt reacts with incomprehension

Transport Minister Dobrindt said: “This uncooperative attitude of Fiat is completely incomprehensible here are concrete grounds in space..” The exhaust affair that began in the US and at Volkswagen in September last year, long hit large parts of the international auto industry.

According to the KBA test Opel had already on Wednesday at the transport ministry increased explain levels of pollutants. US authorities also called on Daimler to check exhaust emissions and French authorities have searched Peugeot. The Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi and Suzuki admitted embellished details of the mileage performance of vehicles or incorrect consumption tests.

Fiat had noticed already recently by negative press, but in another context: the EU Commission for competition had found that the automaker had surreptitiously by means of a financial subsidiary illegal tax benefits in Luxembourg. By computing tricks “economically unjustified assumptions and downward adjustments” was the capital made, as the Commission stated in a press release. Under real market conditions, the tax burden would have been twenty times higher.


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