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Thermomix gets Internet connection – RP ONLINE

The future of the Thermomix is ​​about the size of a cigarette box. “So Vorwerk is final digital,” says Rainer Genes, personally liable partner of Vorwerk. The white box connects the Thermomix to the Internet.

For users it is possible to load recipes from the associated online portal on the display of the food processor. Then, the machine performs its built navigation through the preparation. “Cook-Key calls” Vorwerk small transmitter which is attached to the side of the current Thermomix model TM5.

Over the past 132 years of company history, the Wuppertal-based family has woven carpets, vacuum cleaner mounted and at times even had kitchens and prefabricated houses on offer. But never, business was so good as now, where thanks to the Thermomix sales record will be broken after the next.

place Especially in Germany the food processor hotcakes. Were this country in 2014 to around 200,000 units sold, there were last year already twice as many. This also affects the total sales of Vorwerk from which grew within four years by around one billion to around 3.5 billion euros.

The Miracle of the Wupper

Now Vorwerk will digitize its products continue to extrapolate the miracle of the Wupper. For this purpose, the company as the US company Apple slowly turn from a pure PND manufacturer towards a group integrating its physical products into digital ecosystem.

Similarly, the iPhone tries Vorwerk, a world to his equipment around to develop. At Apple there for the App Store, where users can download small programs.

Vorwerk one gropes in similar areas before. Apps there are naturally long for the Thermomix and also successful Kobold vacuum cleaner. The robotic vacuum cleaner Vorwerk can remotely thanks App, the Thermomix can be so far at least save recipes and create shopping lists.

cooking pit-delivery service provides Thermomix recipes

Now Vorwerk combines not only the Thermomix with the Internet, but working with the start-up Hello Fresh also suitably tailored to his products. The Berliner cooking pit-delivery service, is involved in the Vorwerk, has for days specially tailored to the Thermomix recipes, which are then sent to customers including portioned ingredients. Until you test the possibilities, say the Vorwerk manager, but you see great potential in the region


What the Wuppertal for future planning can be imagine if one takes a look at the other investments. So Vorwerk supports start-up Gestigon which specializes in gesture control. Quite possible that Thermomix and Kobold are eventually serviced by sign language.

In Wuppertal you are anyway convinced of being able to continue the growth story of the Thermomix. For the first time we therefore dare to the huge US market. Here the Thermomix counselors should in future give first living around San Francisco around health conscious and high-income people the advantages of the device at the live cooking. For more distant regions, there will be events via video service Skype. “The already do many other companies so”, says the personally liable company Frank van Oers,

While we are delighted about the rapid growth “for us it would be a first.” – This year is the Thermomix down sales by another 20 to 25 percent – could be at the same time the food processor for Vorwerk blessing and a curse. Because similar to Apple, whose iPhone has also broken a sales record after another, the product of Vorwerk is increasingly important.

This dependence increases. 2014 the proportion of the Thermomix in total sales was 33 percent, in 2015 there were already 39 percent. If the development continues, the company could soon realize every second euro with the food processor, especially as the price was last increased. Since April it costs 1199 euros, before that there were around 100 euros less. With the introduction of the Cook Key he would for those who also order him again expensive at around 100 euros.

Australian wants to hurt food processor have

As long as things go well, this is no problem for Vorwerk. Should allegations as true in Australia, where a Licensees claimed to have suffered through the Thermomix serious burns, had Vorwerk a problem. The larger the numbers, the harder would carry weight a recall. So far, the allegations seem however not be confirmed.

Another problem for Vorwerk, that each new product is measured at the TM5. The sale of cordless tools Twercs who presented Vorwerk summer so far seems to be running similarly depressed as with Apple selling the computer clock Apple Watch. This could never build on the success of the iPhone. Also Vorwerk adopt buttoned at Twercs-sales figures, but one is satisfied.

Currently, however, the CEO optimistic about further Thermomix sales. “Until there is a saturation of the market, it will take,” said Frank van Oers. In some cities in southern Germany the Thermomix was indeed already present in relatively many households. Overall, it did not even give the device but every tenth household in Germany. “We think that the Thermomix could easily stand in 15 percent of households,” says van Oers. With 40 million households in Germany, six million devices would – currently there are around two million. There are for the Thermomix saleswomen is still much to do



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