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ADAC: Germany’s biggest club is divided into three parts – THE WORLD

Shortly before the vote drew ADAC president August Markl nor a dramatic picture. The future of Europe’s largest motorist club is specifically at risk if his proposed conversion is not implemented, Markl said on the club’s general meeting in Lübeck. It is the largest structural change in the 113-year history of the association.

The warning was especially to the address of his predecessor as ADAC President and adversary Peter Meyer addressed, considered the head of the largest regional clubs Nordrhein a skeptic of so-called three-pillar model. But the large mudslinging, the personal duel on the stage did not occur.

Photo: AP At the ADAC meeting shall only representative of regional clubs may participate, not any member of the club

While enlisted Meyer to speak, but avoided direct confrontation. “We expect respect for different opinions,” he said, referring to the “nature of the implementation of structural reform”. However, he contradicted reports that the largest regional club might now lawsuits against the conversion preparatory, as because of the waste of society’s assets.

“We are an ADAC” Meyer said, pledging to the loyalty of its regional association, also “at each us not acceptable to the majority decision”. And that fell significantly. There were only 33 votes against from the Meyer-storage at 221 delegates at the meeting.

Court sits the club in the neck

For the incumbent president Markl is a great success. “The broad consensus of delegates shows that our reform for trust is the best way, the ADAC modern, transparent and future-proof set up,” he said, visibly relieved.

Markl is driving the conversion of automobile clubs, because the registry court in Munich sits the club in the neck. Waiting was not a solution, Markl emphasized with a view to examining the Court whether the ADAC as before may remain a so-called Ideal Club, with tax benefits. At the core is the question of how much “commercial economy” shall not operate an ideal club without losing its status. . A question that touches on other big clubs

After the now present approval of ADAC General Meeting is – simply put – split the motorist club in three pillars: in the ideal club with volunteer committees and a focus on assistance and breakdown, a charitable foundation, as for the air ambulance, as well as a European company, a large ADAC Business Group with insurance companies and financial service offerings and more than one billion euros in sales.

This model was indeed decided already in 2014 in the core. So far, there was no detailed planning. And so stir last backstage great resistance on the format and timing of the conversion. There was a veritable battle appraiser with reputable firms. The ADAC Nordrhein gave two opinions, ADAC-roof club in Munich even four opinions in order.

power struggle at the wrong time

It was bubbling vigorously in the bodies. So there was the day before the general meeting in the foreclosed Assembly of Delegates excited discussions about the strategy.

The power struggle behind the scenes gathered by ADAC in a phase in the club has regained traction after the deep crisis, 2014. 2014 shook the detection of years of manipulation in the autodial Gelber Engel and other failings the club. But last year the number of members rose again by a net 230,000 to 19.15 million.

Photo: AP Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital economy and society, was guest speaker at the Annual General Meeting of the automobile club

In this year, a further increase to 19.43 million is expected, it was announced in Lübeck. Markl was delighted that the ADAC has returned to previous levels in the credibility and the confidence surveys.

The ADAC is facing its structure and financial strength a unique club braid. At the top of the ADAC e.V. in Munich is an umbrella association and including 18, largely independent regional associations. The members belonging respectively to the regional associations and could be involved there.

But the motorists who are primarily interested in the Breakdown, obviously have no interest in club life. So is the participation of the “normal motorists” not belonging to a local club, at the annual meetings in the parts per thousand range. It is among them. At the general meeting of the umbrella association as now in Lübeck, in turn may only delegates from the regional associations to participate.

Profound change for the industry

the special features also means that there is no consolidated balance sheet of all activities. Just a few figures that give an idea of ​​how rich the association. Thus the equity of the roof association end of 2015 stood at 1.08 billion euros and fixed assets at 2.41 billion euros. Premium income will amount to 2016 about 738 million euros.

guest speaker at the meeting was Commissioner Günther Oettinger. He exhorted the traditional club, to quickly adapt to the enormous upheavals through the digitization and new data services. The ADAC should “accept prefer potholes as dead spots” for his goals, therefore, advised Oettinger.

The entire automotive and mobility industry stand at a profound transformation, such as autonomous driving cars and trucks, said European Digital Economy Commissioner. It assumes that Google will also offer insurance because the Internet company dispose over huge amounts of data on individuals and their behavior.

“The ADAC insurance knows nothing – Google knows everything,” Oettinger said. In addition, the Commissioner expects that the California Apple Group will offer a car.


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