Saturday, May 7, 2016

German train: Train sets fund for startups on – WirtschaftsWoche

The German Rail wants to invest in start-ups and sets it on its own funds. “We will continue to provide a fund to invest in start-ups available to circumvent solely to administrative hurdles of a large company,” Deutsche Bahn CEO Rüdiger Grube told WirtschaftsWoche. “We discuss about the level right now.”

investment in start-ups are an important step in the value permanently in the company hold, so mine on. “My biggest fear is that between the customers and us between switches as a digital web platform that has nothing to do with us and the booking process for our customers manage,” said Deutsche Bahn CEO. “We remain, to put it bluntly, even the role of wage coachman.” The web will therefore “own platforms develop” and “expand our digital literacy, we but even contribute to start-ups,” Grube told WirtschaftsWoche.


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