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Tax Modernization Act: Government wants to stroll in the tax return … – Tagesspiegel

It is the year 1970. In the cinema Heinz Erhardt plays Taxman. Willi Tiny is the. This tiny leaves disappearing acts to help small tax evaders. It is the time when the tax office is a haven for lovers of files and potted flowers and the Taxman a hunter. His prey: people who cheat with service vouchers and fuel bills or settle bought privately thrillers as literature
46 years later, the life in the Official looks quite different.. The clerk sitting behind computers and read the tax returns – if at all. For the mass market with workers and pensioners will most durchgwinkt. Only now and is fished out and checked a statement. Receipts are now hardly controlled. “The document is part of the story,” says Eric eavesdropping. “There’s no time,” says eavesdropping, sitting in Verdi Commission for taxes.

The through Wave is law

Now the legislature wants what in the offices long life is to make the law. Next Thursday adopted the federal control Modernization Act. It is the taxpayers educate them to make their tax returns electronically in the future with the “Elster” system and no longer on paper. namely still primarily use tax consultants, electronic system, most citizens still prefer fill boxes on paper. To change that, to be better “Elster”. While one has completed his computer “Elster Declaration” as in the days of Willi Tiny print, sign and send together with supporting documents to the tax office today, receipts should continue to stay home and only have to be made available on demand. In addition, the form should be filled in in the future already in many parts. Who does not need to enter the control number, account number or social security contributions, is done faster. Overall, to be achieved through the automation that the “lead time” of a control application in the tax office by an average of 40 to a maximum of ten days is reduced

25 euros per month as punishment for delays

Faster processing , less effort – for the taxpayer is that good. But alas, it is late. Anyone submitting too late, must continue to pay at least 25 euros for each month commenced. Originally, it should even be 50 euros, the SPD parliamentary group sat halving by. So far, however, the tax authorities have a discretion – to use them well. Who May 31, the deadline for tax returns failed, often comes away with it if he apologizes and subsequently supply immediately. Such indulgence but an end soon. In the future, be called for the successful from day one – automatically. Whoever turns a accountant or Lohnsteuerhilfeverein, should other hand, will get more time. The deadline of December 31 is to be extended by two months.

Paper Declaration remains

Isabel Klocke from the Taxpayers Association considers this inappropriate, at least in the cases where the taxpayers pay extra tax mechanism and also so far nothing has been guilty. “If someone has always delivered on time and his tax return now sleeps through one time, one should refrain from an automatic default fine” Klocke told the Tagesspiegel. However, the Taxpayers Association supports the proposed law on the whole, mainly because a threat has been averted: The originally planned duty to use the “Elster” process, it will not initially give. This happens particularly with regard to older taxpayers, which the state wants to make any pressure. This does not change the declared aim of the legislator, at some point to control the traffic between taxpayers and tax offices only electronically.

Long transitional periods

But that’s the future. The law should already apply from 1 January 2017, but has a long introduction and transition period until 2022. From 2022 to check the tax returns in the majority of cases of colleague computer. Are there problems, then the risk management system is to be installed in the electronic evaluation, filter out those statements. Of course, there will also be future sampling and maybe the clerk will actually even see documents. If you want, also can apply with a single click or a notice in a form field, a personal examination by an official.

Not enough people in the office

Otherwise, should the office staff but spared from routine tasks stay. “We have too few people,” says unionist eavesdropping. Here Berlin increased its posts in financial administration after years of degradation now on again. Gut 5948 FTEs were 2009 now there are 6143. but necessary, would be 6777 points, eavesdropping points to the recent staffing bill. There would also be in a year repeatedly personnel gaps, so that the working pressure in the offices was enormous. Instead of simplifying the law, the process is now automates and. This should help to make financial management more efficient. Financial Secretary Michael Meister expects the countries dedicate more officers for more complex control procedures and tests and also use more tax investigators. This is profitable for the Treasury: At the ordinary taxpayers is usually little to pick up significantly more contrast in business and the rich



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