Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Revenues up Fairtrade products: German always buy a sustainable – ABC Online

Tuesday, 05.10.2016, 16:37
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Revenue with Fairtrade products in Germany rose to 978 million euros last year to 18 percent. This was announced by the organization TransFair on Tuesday in Berlin with.

Revenue from Fairtrade products rises accordingly for years. The demand is high, especially in bananas, coffee, cocoa and flowers. However, the organization criticized the reluctance of the textile industry in the production of fair clothing.

68,000 tonnes of bananas

The market share of certified bananas lie at ten percent, so TransFair. Around 68,000 tonnes were sold. The proportion of fair coffee lie at 3 percent (14,000 tons), with cocoa from fair cultivation there were 3.6 percent (about 14,300 tons).

In addition, about one in four wear bought in Germany rose Fairtrade -Seal. Overall, the volume of materials sold have increased in the German market to 116,500 tonnes. Last year, sales of fair trade products

textile products amounted to 102 990 tonnes. Only seems fair

Especially in textile production itself must do still some, said the CEO of TransFair, Dieter Overath , In textiles, only the cotton is often fair: “But that concern the entire production is not in.”

Despite initiatives such as the Textile Forum Development Ministry must get more involved in the industry. Together with the Asian producers network NAPP working TransFair working to improve the conditions of production and to promote sustainable consumption locally.

Businesses should commit themselves

In March TransFair having the seal “Fairtrade Textile Production “presented. The aim is that companies undertake within a specific timetable on specific social and environmental standards as a living wage.

The association TransFair was founded in 1992 to support disadvantaged producers in developing countries. . He sells not even goods but awards the Fairtrade seal

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