Tuesday, May 10, 2016

North Rhine-Westphalia is a pilot district for metal rates – ABC Online

Tuesday , 05.10.2016, 13:36
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The tariff conflict in the German metal and electrical industry is to be released in North Rhine-Westphalia.

After constructive negotiations the previous day, the Executive Board of IG Metall as well as total metal decided on Tuesday that negotiations with the most members tariff area continue. Venue is Cologne, as communicated rushed both sides.

For the first time in six years could thus a pilot agreement for the important metal and electrical industry are found again in North Rhine-Westphalia. Already agreed for Wednesday talks in continuous pilot district Baden-Württemberg have to be moved.

The tariffs for Germany’s main industry with around 3.8 million employees are regularly initially negotiated regionally. During the meeting then a pilot district is emerging, whose completion is finally transferred to the different tariff areas. At the now planned in Cologne final negotiations regularly participate the Federal tips of the IG Metall and the employers’ association total metal.

On Monday, union and employers had so far approached in the NRW city Neuss in the fourth round, that keep both sides apparently a breakthrough before Pentecost possible. Both sides described the talks as “constructive and focused”.

“We are negotiating a package of wage number, duration and differentiating competitive element,” said the employer negotiators Arndt Kirchhoff. The wage policy toolbox is wide open. This refers to, among other exceptions for weak companies or even longer periods

The IGM negotiators Knut Giesler stepped in his statement to the euphoria brake. “The tangle of possible solution yarns and cleavages is still not unraveled. We started on Monday to work on it and will continue on Thursday. There is, however still a risk that is pulled by strings, which close the knot indissoluble. “

The IG Metall also continued on Tuesday their nationwide strikes continued, at which again involved thousands. Focus this time was the tariff of Coastal. In Hamburg alone, arrived in the morning more than 4000 Catching up together for a rally on the Spielbudenplatz. In the coming days, the strikes at the planned levels would continue, said the first chairman of IG Metall, Joerg Hofmann. Before the trial, it should still be a large demonstration in Cologne on Thursday. Kirchhoff warned to tighten the walkouts.

The union is demanding 5 percent more money within a one-year term. Employers have offered 24-month rate increases in two stages, which add up to 2.1 percent – this there should be a one-off payment of 0.3 percent


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