Monday, May 16, 2016

New doubts about recovery of the Chinese economy – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The steel industry is struggling with overcapacity.

In China latest data stoke doubts about a stabilization of the economy. In April, industrial production, retail sales and investment was weaker than analysts expected. Having been unexpectedly weak trade data dampened hopes of an economic recovery, underline the figures that the recovery in March was only an interlude. “It looks as if all the drives to lose momentum,” said economist Zhou Hao of Commerzbank in Singapore. China effortless off still.

According to the national statistics office over the weekend, the industry produced only six percent more than in the previous month. analysts had an increase of 6.5 percent as expected after the production in March was dressed even by 6.8 percent. in the retail business, revenues increased on annualized basis by 10.1 percent. here, too, the experts optimistic and had expected an increase of 10.5 percent -.. the same value as in the previous month in addition, the second largest economy of the world held by the United States back with investments Within a year they laid from January to April by 10.5 percent to, was expected to increase by 10.9 percent. In the first quarter, the increase was 10.7 percent.

for fear of a growing mountain of debt China’s central According to insiders, now checks the information provided by the banks bad loans , The Financial Stability Board of the central bank wants to ensure that banks not deposit potential credit loss misdiagnosed as ordinary or special loans, said two people familiar with the project on Monday. The economic slowdown has given rise to the fear to the authorities that financial institutions could disguise bad loans to polish the balance sheets. The central bank declined to comment on the report initially not comment

The government. Beijing acknowledged recently a persistent headwinds for the domestic economy. With government investment and a loose monetary policy it wants to provide impetus. In the first quarter, economic output grew by only 6.7 percent. For the full year, the governance is targeting growth in gross domestic product (GDP) between 6.5 and 7.0 percent. Last year, the economy had gained even 6.9 percent. That was the weakest reading since a quarter century.

A sector that is feeling the economic downturn significantly, China’s steel industry. Here the great overcapacity still has not gone back to government information. but protectionism is not a solution to the problems in the insert, the industry, the Deputy Minister of Industry Xin Guobin said Monday in Beijing. China has pledged to curb its steel production. However, such efforts are hampered by a rise in prices domestically. Prices have improved since the end of last year, Xin said. “But there was no fundamental change in market conditions and no improvement in capacity.”

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