Monday, May 16, 2016

Allegation of abuse of power: record fine of 3 billion euros! EU wants to … – ABC Online

Monday, 05.16.2016, 13:05
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Google threatens in a dispute with the EU Commission a record fine. Brussels wants to condemn the tech giant in June to a payment of three billion euros. The reason:. Abuse of market position – and for years

The reports of the “Sunday Telegraph”. One possibility would be even a penalty of EUR 6.6 billion, which would correspond to ten percent of sales.

The ruling would be a milestone and an intensification of the conflict between the EU and Silicon Valley. Google were already several times aufgebrummt penalties, as the Group’s own services in the opinion of the competition authorities – for example shopping sites – preferably in the search results. Competitors get less page views and make the result less revenue.

Google is abusing monopoly over years have

will also appear on Google Maps and the travel information of the technology giant, the EU Commission Check the future if the market power is exploited and competitors at a disadvantage.

with a record fine, the Commission could now make an example of Google. The highest ever fine of 1.1 billion euros for abuse of power had the chip maker Intel to pay

In the video. They are the Google search results soon not recognize

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