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ADAC New Panne in Club roadside assistance – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

New case of damage. the skandalerbrobten Yellow angel falling in the realignment in the terminal

Usually the delegate meetings of the ADAC peaceful meeting veteran car club officials. But when the 197 delegates of the 19-million-member association today come together in the “Hanseatic Hof” in Lübeck to vote on a reform concept, it will probably be jumping. ADAC president August Markl advertises in the 4-star hotel for a last time for his “reform of confidence”, which will make final forget the tripartite division of the club the most serious crisis in of the 113-year history. Ironically, his predecessor Peter Meyer, more than two years ago took meanwhile regency after the souped reader polls to the car “Yellow Angel” a scandal series run its course, this structural reform holds now superfluous.

Henning  Peitsmeier Author: Henning Peitsmeier, economics correspondent in Munich.

To open Meyer has not yet said. But guided by him Regional club ADAC Nordrhein, which includes at least 2.7 million members and one seventh of the delegates, presented two legal opinions. They are directed clearly against Markls “three-pillar model”, the ADAC divided into a core team with Breakdown and consumer protection, into a corporation with the sale of insurance and financial services and a foundation air rescue and motor sports promotion. This model is intended to save the tax-saving status of the Ideal Society the club of “Yellow Angel” award.

“The three-pillar model is not needed to keep the club status”, now lawyer Hendrik Schindler from the prestigious law firm CMS told FAZ: “It even harms the ADAC members because the association irreversibly significant assets are withdrawn.” Schindler is one of the two assessors, he was commissioned by the ADAC Nordrhein. A second opinion was the director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Professor Holger Fleischer, submitted. Also, this report concludes that reform shoot over the top: With the division of the team lose “access to assets in the high three-digit million range,” it says. The responsible ADAC board members could be prosecuted even for “waste of society’s assets”. The reform in Lübeck should be adopted by a three-quarters majority.

                                                                                                                                                                               Hans-Jürgen Papier
                                      Hans-Jürgen Papier: former President of the Constitutional Court



The results of the report are a setback for Markl and his reformers in ADAC. For two years, a team of about 100 employees worked on the realignment of the club. An external advisory board, in the honorable personalities sat as the Transparency Germany, Edda Müller, was also involved as the business law firm Freshfields, the new compliance regulations formulated. And Hans-Jürgen Papier, former president of the Federal Constitutional Court has repeatedly pointed out that the “separation of the association of the economic activity” was necessary, “in order to preserve the association status.”

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