Wednesday, May 11, 2016

VW wants to relieve Board – 60 000 employees demand wage Plus – ABC Online

Wednesday , 05.11.2016, 16:51
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The VW group sees in the exhaust gas scandal so far no further signs of a possible complicity at board level.

at the annual meeting in late June, therefore, the entire board is to be approved for fiscal 2015, as Volkswagen on Wednesday in Wolfsburg announced. But this is with reservation that the ongoing investigation by the shareholder meeting on June 22 nothing incriminating bring to the light. Possible damages-claims remained.

Meanwhile, showed the staff at several VW sites their displeasure. in Wolfsburg alone, more than 30 000 people marched to the Board skyscraper and demanded in the current round of collective bargaining House noticeable wage increase and a final agreement on its promised token of appreciation. Also on Wednesday, the group made its plans for a new wife on the supervisory board publicly

At the forthcoming Executive relief it was. “Based on this recommendation, the information currently available from the comprehensive, although not yet completed investigation of US- American law firm Jones Day for diesel subject. “the Board did examine whether currently known,” clear and serious breach of duty of the current or former board members are to determine “.

the release was preceded by a board meeting at which the inspectors had struggled until late Tuesday night “intensively” to find a solution, it was out of their environment. This Thursday carried the invitation to the shareholders’ meeting. On the agenda for general meetings are always at the discharge point. But in the current Diesel debacle he gets particularly explosive and symbolic power.

The former CEO Martin Winterkorn had resigned in the vortex of the affair in September 2015, but maintained his innocence. Former CFO and Winterkorn confidant Hans Dieter Pötsch moved to the top of the supervisory board, which sparked criticism. Among other things, it is debatable whether Pötsch timely informed to its former function, the financial world on the exhaust affair.

Shopping Board Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, the years before the installation of the fraud software in the top managers squad ascended, the workup of the scandal was assigned – and thus play a key role in the negotiations with the United States, the country of origin of the affair. Also Winterkorn successor Matthias Müller, Audi boss Rupert Stadler and China Executive Jochem Heizmann were already before the scandal as a longtime VW Kenner on the Management Board.

The relief question was therefore eagerly awaited. In general the proposal fits mark of confidence in the picture, which gave the group so far. Already in a reply to plaintiff investors and in various public statements VW has always stressed that the board members saw 2015 evidence until the spring.

As expected also wants the major shareholder Qatar first time with the engineer Hessa Al-Jaber woman delegate to the supervisory board of VW. With their choice of Swedish bank SEB, Annika Falkengren, and businesswoman Louise Kiesling would occupied three of the top ten shareholders seats in the 20-member supervisory committee of women, together with the Management Board boss.

“This would YTD in Germany are met current quota of 30 per cent, “VW said. On the Supervisory Board sits with the unionist Babette Fröhlich yet another woman on the side of the workers’ representatives. . Al-Jaber to succeed the vice chairman of Qatar Holding, Hussain Ali Al-Abdulla,

After weeks of controversy over the Board bonuses to the Group threatens a new trouble spot: According to council boss Bernd Osterloh stirs in the top management resistance to the agreed token of appreciation that should receive the pay scale as a substitute for their lost earnings contribution from 2015 120 000 employees

part of the board. required commitments that the employee premium flowed, Osterloh said before about 30 000 employees in Wolfsburg. Overall protested by IG Metall view good 60,000 VW employees in its six western German plants, for the house tariff applies

For the recognition premium CEO Matthias Müller is already in the word -. Only their height is still unclear , Details for Board-reservation not called Osterloh. He spoke of a “sleight of hand”.


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