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Suzuki admits disabled fuel consumption tests a – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

After Mitsubishi now Suzuki is said to have used unsuitable tests.

After the scandal over the manipulation of fuel consumption values ​​in the Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi of domestic rival Suzuki has now become the focus. The company admitted Wednesday that testing methods were unsuitable. In addition, data were not compliant rule to calculate the fuel economy. Executive Chairman Osamu Suzuki announced plus for the course of the day an opinion at a press conference at. Suzuki shares plunged by eleven percent.

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Just last month, Mitsubishi Motors had given trickery with consumption data. Mitsubishi had used unsuitable tests. In the case of the four mini-cars in which the wrongdoing was uncovered first, the engineers had but also deliberately made it the best test values ​​and the driving resistance is not measured for some model types but only calculated.

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After the transport Ministry had asked the other carmaker in the country, once again present its consumption measurements.

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