Monday, May 9, 2016

ROUNDUP: price fixing in beer and sweets: Millionenbuße for supermarkets – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

BONN (AFX) – Because of price fixing for beer, sweets and coffee, the Bundeskartellamt has imposed again against supermarket chains throughout Germany juicy million penalties. Overall, the authority requires EUR 90.5 million. Numbers must, among other regional companies of Edeka, Metro, Netto, Kaufland and the Getränkegroßhandel A. Kempf in Offenburg. They have convinced the supervisory authority with the national brewer Anheuser Busch denied shop prices especially for premium brands such as “Becks” beer, “Franciscans” and “Hasseröder”.

Anheuser Busch itself and the retail chain Rewe were adopt the fines because they have helped the authorities in investigating comprehensively. You have to the investigation of the agreements but also participated. “Victims of such systematic price maintenance practices are the end user,” said Cartel boss Andreas Mundt. You pay excessive prices for their beer.

Forbidden price appointments to Sweets Haribo are also accused Lidl, over coffee the authority requires fine of the drugstore chain Rossmann. Rossmann had lodged the only chain on the other hand an appeal with the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf. In all other cases, the companies concerned have reached an agreement with the Federal Cartel Office, the Bundeskartellamt.

The new series of fines goes back to searches from the year 2010. In this 15 food and drug store chains and companies had been searched for pet supplies and branded goods producers. In the process it comes to so-called vertical agreements between producers and retailers, which are just as forbidden as arrangements of chains or manufacturers with each other.

In a first step, the Bundeskartellamt had imposed nearly 152 million euros fine in June 2015 , The new fines the total amount is now increased to good EUR 242 million, informed the Bundeskartellamt. About three companies the process from the complex stood still pending. You would expected to be completed in the next few months, so the Bundeskartellamt./rs/DP/stb

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