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 Tuesday, May 10, 2016


 Outside in space teems of distant planets: The Nasa are now at a stroke the discovery of more than 1,200 new planet known, whose existence can be confirmed. The researchers hope to find soon a second Earth in space.



Astronomers have confirmed the existence of more than 1200 planets around other stars. The so-called exoplanets had been spotted by the Kepler space telescope US space agency Nasa. A new analysis has now shown that it was in 1284 the “Kepler” candidates (the discovered planets are first all “Kepler” named and provided with an additional sequential number) actually to distant planets, said the Nasa with. “This is the largest number of exoplanets that have been ever announced at one time,” said the lead author of the analysis, Timothy Morton of Princeton University in the US state of New Jersey, at a press conference in Washington.

Kepler space telescope

The Kepler space telescope a mission of NASA to detect Earth-like exoplanet. These examined the telescope more than 100,000 stars to small fluctuations in brightness. These fluctuations can be caused by a transit – so if a planet in our view, passes right in front of the star

In March 2009, the space telescope was launched into an orbit around the sun, in which it follows the earth.. discovered early in January 2010 Kepler the first planetary.

With the new study, the number of confirmed “Kepler” -Exoplaneten have more than doubled, said NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan. “This gives us hope that we someday there similar discover our own another Earth with a star.” The Nasa planet hunter Kepler had discovered until July 2015, 4302 candidates for exoplanets. 984 of which had already been previously confirmed. 1284 more candidates are now confirmed by the new analysis in the journal “The Astrophysical Journal”. With 707 candidates it were against it probably a false alarm resulted from the scientists. 1327 more candidates are likely real planet, but a confirmation is still pending.

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Overall, astronomers had already discovered various instruments more than 2,100 planets around other stars. The new analysis of the Kepler observations, the number of known exoplanets now rises to around 3,400. ‘/ P>

The Kepler space telescope had been shot to search for distant planets into space of 2009. The observatory has had to struggle with technical problems and had recently temporarily transferred in an emergency mode. Meanwhile Kepler work but back to normal, said NASA mission manager Charlie Sobeck.


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