Friday, May 13, 2016

Marine: Hapag-Lloyd with new alliance the world’s best – THE WORLD

future share three major shipping alliances, the container business in the world’s oceans each other. Hapag-Lloyd, Germany’s largest shipping company, has entered into a new alliance with several Asian competitors under pressure from the industry crisis. “The cooperation is a milestone,” said Hapag-Lloyd CEO Rolf Habben Jansen on Friday. The forged of six partners covenant shall go in April 2017 under the name “THE Alliance” at the start. The shipping companies, hope of the weakening economy in China and other major emerging economies and, consequently, suffer from rapidly declining freight rates with the Partnership, better use of their space ship. Also it enables cooperation to offer additional routes.

With “THE Alliance” Hapag-Lloyd and its Asian partners to the existing alliance 2M of the two market leaders Maersk of Denmark and MSC, headquartered in Switzerland, and the recently announced Ocean Alliance to number three – CMA CGM from France – Paroli. Leading on the important route between Asia and Europe is, according to industry sources, the Ocean Alliance with 35 percent of capacity, closely followed by 2M with 34 percent and “THE Alliance” with 28 percent.

Better utilization vital

If Hapag-Lloyd as planned merge with its Arab rivals UASC hamburger would move closer to the top. “If UASC happens, Hapag-Lloyd is within striking distance to the other,” said the Marine expert Thomas Wybierek by NordLB. With a combined 620 ships and space for a total of 3.5 million standard containers covers “THE Alliance” claims to 18 percent of the global fleet capacity from.

Better utilization space on their vessels is essential in view of the decline of freight rates for shipping companies. The Alliance does this is to succeed. Comparable to the system the same booking number in networks of airlines can be brought by the workbenches in China in the department stores of the West goods in containers of various partners of the alliance. This enables the individual lines cover more ports as if they were alone in a position and also save money.

The weakening economy especially in China meets the shipping companies hard, because the supply of shipping capacity is currently much greater than demand. The consequence is that the shipping companies undercut each other in freight rates. According to Hapag-Lloyd, the average freight rate declined in the first quarter to nearly 300 dollars per standard container. So it cost last only about 1000 dollars to ship a 20-foot steel box with t-shirts, laptops, cell phones, sneakers or watches from Asia to Europe. The container, which is available for 60 years, has enables the globalization only.

Since then it does not matter where in the world the product is produced and where it is sold. The cheap heavy oil burn the container giants on their way between Asia and Europe, the decline in freight rates can not make but. therefore Hapag-Lloyd slipped at the beginning of the bottom line with 43 million euros in losses. Last year it was the Hanseaten yet succeeded thanks to savings and the acquisition of the container business of CSAV of Chile to achieve the first time since 2011 net profit.

At the same time go the race for size further. Hapag-Lloyd suppressed in the negotiations on a merger with the Arab rivals United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) up a gear. The talks are on schedule. A final agreement is not lying before. By joining forces with the world’s number eleven Hamburg would by numbers the industry service Alphaliner overtake rivals Evergreen Line and advance one rank fifth in the world rankings. The distance from the current number four – COSCO Container Lines – would manageable

Major mergers

The French CMA. CGM had recently acquired APL, previously part of the G6 Alliance of Hapag-Lloyd. As well as the G6 Member Orient Overseas defected, the changes to the Ocean Alliance, the Hamburger new partner had to look. For “THE Alliance” also Hanjin of South Korea, the Japanese “K” line and Yang Ming now belong to Taiwan. NYK and Mitsui OSK held hamburgers loyalty. So the new alliance of Hapag-Lloyd comes back to six allies. It is unclear what Marine is from Hyundai Merchant, which previously belonged to the G6, but according to industry sources, is stuck in economic difficulties.

How important are these mergers, show the financial results of Hapag-Lloyd for the first quarter. Because of the rapidly fallen freight rates slumped, operating profit (EBIT) to 4.8 (previous year: 174) million euros. The red numbers bottom line at the beginning of 2016, remain exceptional. CEO Habben Jansen reiterated that Hapag-Lloyd will increase its operating profit by means of further savings for the full year.

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